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Letters, March 11

No pudding in Salem

Oregon taxpayers stocked up the kitchen (paid our taxes) and had plenty of chores for our legislators to take care of. We sat them all down at the table for a short session.

Before long, covered hot dishes full of healthy food came out and were set on the table, but then cousin Tina, cousin Peter and big sister Kate came out and began ladling broccoli and Brussels sprouts on the plates, saying that everyone had to finish those first or nobody would get even a taste of the roast beef, mashed potatoes or sweet corn, and certainly nobody would get any pudding for dessert.

So let it be recorded that in the 2020 Oregon legislative short session, a lot of food got wasted and there was no dessert because somebody insisted that broccoli and sprouts were good for everybody and had to be eaten first. Thanks, Dems.

Oscar Zuniga


Put the nation first

If our people in Congress can’t put our nation first, then they don’t belong in that position.

Democrats have done nothing this session but try their best to destroy our president. I have never seen so much hatred and slander as they have perpetrated upon Donald Trump.

Congress should rid itself of members like Tlaib, Omar, AOC ,Waters, Schiff, Pelosi and Nadler. These people are doing things that are unconstitutional and should not be in that high an office where they can cause so much damage to our nation.

President Trump is doing a wonderful job. Pray for him.

Gordon DeVos


Health systems and coronavirus

I am a member of the Jackson County medical community employed by Asante Physician Partners. I know many people feel on edge about the novel coronavirus outbreak, wondering if it will spread into a severe pandemic. While I don’t know the answer to that, I do want the public to know that Oregon has been doing a great job for our residents. The Governor’s Office, the Oregon Health Authority, State Public Health Agencies, Jackson County Public Health, and Asante Health System have all been timely, transparent, and factual in their communication. They have provided continually updated guidelines to local health providers regarding recommended best practice for identifying those potentially exposed or infected. We all feel fully prepared to do our job for our community. Obviously our hearts are with those who have lost loved ones and we are all hoping this virus will be contained as quickly as possible. But I feel reassured by the committed, conscientious teams of professionals working tirelessly on our behalf.

Debra Koutnik, M.D., APP Ashland FP/Pediatrics



So we are assured that COVID-19 won’t be as bad as the Spanish flu of 1918. Well, hurray! What — only 25 million dead instead of 50 million?

Seriously, this is a bad, bad virus, much worse than seasonal flu. Take it seriously, wash your hands a lot, and stay home if you are coughing or have a fever.

Steve Soar


A president, not a role model

The top reason people support Trump is that Democrats offer us no choice. President Trump is not a role model for many people, not for me, but he is supported by people who value traditions, morality, family, respect for all people including Democrats, hard work, the American Flag, Constitution and rule of law.

That includes people like me whose first priority is to follow Jesus.

Democratic candidates for the presidency and many of their followers have condemned us as ignorant, deplorable bigots. They ignore our values and lose.

Ira Edwards


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