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Letters, March 13

Steps to avoid the virus

I write as a retirement home resident suggesting steps to take to avoid the virus.

First: It is going to be necessary to curtail friendships. Start with relatives. They may have to stay away for awhile. Use your hand telephones, both of you. Exchanging constant presents may need to be minimized.

There are warnings about touching the face and eyes with your hands. Tough to be doing that.

We all shake hands routinely on first greeting. Stop that. Not sure about patting on back. Sorry, but “isolation” is the key word. Hard.

Outlaw some gifts: opened candy, fruits handled, second-hand items.

Ask if auto owners cleaned upholstery lately.

Work out, practice apologizing for what was rude. It’s OK, now.

Let’s see if we can somehow get through this.

Vaughn Davis Bornet, age 102


BLM works for the industry

The Medford District BLM has proposed the Bear Grub Timber Sale in the mountains between Ruch in the Applegate Valley and Talent in the Rogue Valley, yet has consistently refused to meet with these communities to discuss the project.

The Bear Grub Timber Sale proposes a form of incremental clearcut logging called “group selection.” Group selection logging includes removing whole groves of mature forest and replacing them with dense understory growth.

Currently, the BLM is marking unit boundaries and trees for removal. The agency is identifying stands of up to 4 acres for complete or near complete tree removal. According to the BLM, these staggered clearcuts can be scattered across 30% of a forested stand. Unfortunately, the large, fire resistant trees proposed for removal are the most fire-resilient portions of the landscape and cannot be easily replaced.

In southwestern Oregon when forest canopies are cleared, woody shrubs and flammable young trees will undoubtedly regenerate in the new canopy gaps, dramatically increasing fuel loads and fire risks to adjacent homes and communities. While the BLM works hard to please the timber industry, folks in southwestern Oregon will get burned. For more information: https://applegateneighborhood.network/blog/

Luke Ruediger

Applegate Valley

The representative Medford deserves

Medford’s State Rep. Kim Wallan failed her constituents when she “played hooky” from her job while collecting a per diem from the taxpayers. Because of her action, KidsTime will lose a $2 million state grant needed to renovate the old Carnegie Library and Medford will lose a $2.5 million grant to help its homeless. All to make a political point.

Fortunately, the Democrats have an opportunity in May to vote for a candidate who will not shirk from the responsibilities of the office. Alberto Enriquez has the life experiences, humility, compassion and qualifications to excel in that office.

The experience of being a childhood refugee from Castro’s Cuba gave him a lifelong sympathy for the struggles of the underdog. His career as a reporter allowed him to understand the workings of school boards and city councils throughout our county. He has the potential of becoming the representative that Medford deserves.

Dave Gilmour

Central Point

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