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Letters, March 15

Cowardly acts

A letter or letters to the editor I previously wrote obviously offended someone either, in the Republican or Democratic parties, or both. Whoever was offended has gone out of their way to get a response from me. Here is my response.

You are using cowardly ways to retaliate against me for having my own opinion. You send me cards with no return address on the envelope. These cards say little, if anything, only have a picture of Trump with the words Heil Trump or some Bible verse.

You order products in my name and have them billed and sent to my address. You order magazine gift subscriptions for people I do not know and have them billed to my address under an assumed name.

This is annoying as well as fraudulent. Ordering products using my name as the person who ordered them is identity theft, which is against the law.

You know my address. If you have a problem with me, or my opinion, at least have the courage to come to my home and say what is on your mind to my face. Stop the cowardly acts.

Randall Hale


Republican name-calling

Republican evangelical Christians can dish it out but can’t take it. They have called me “godless,” “demonic,” “communist,” “baby killer,” “filth.”

I listen to Republican radio and it takes less than 15 minutes before they call liberals names such as “demonic baby killers”.

I am told I am going to “burn in hell for eternity.” Told I have “no soul.”

When I defend myself and reply that Republicans are putting babies in cages, that their god is a murdering god, my life has been threatened. I’ve been told I’m their “first target” when they start “the next civil war.”

Radio pundits are the ones manipulating their listeners into believing liberals act that way toward Christians. It’s called a straw-man argument. I’ve never heard any liberal say what Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Larson, Ingraham and Beck claim we say.

But they certainly call liberals names, and no one tells those radio pundits to stop the name-calling, and then there’s Donald Trump’s rhetoric.

We’re not going to let those who proclaim to follow Jesus’ teachings while rarely if ever actually doing it, judge us.

When Christians tell Republicans to stop the hateful rhetoric towards Democrats, I will rethink my position.

Wes Brown


Give thanks for health workers

Every day and night, health care workers jeopardize their own health for their patients. In addition, they not only provide physical support, but emotional care.

Let us all give thanks to these wonderful people for helping make a more loving world.

Gay Bradshaw


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