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Letters, March 17

Just say no to fuzzy financing

The city of Medford’s attempt at financing a mega pool and sports/convention center with a lodging tax, which is sure to be coupled with an increase in the monthly utility bill (fee) and other yet unknown sources just doesn’t make cents.

The public has asked for a community pool(s) that would afford year-round access for Medford’s residents. Look at North Bend and Crescent City’s municipal pools as examples. The utility fee started at a flat $2 a month for street, sewer and storm drain repairs not budgeted for by the city and has since ballooned to what it is now. Brought about by votes from the mayor and council. Spend $60 million concrete and gunite structure under a hot tin roof? I think not. Just say no to fuzzy financing.

Robert Shand


Brown is incompetent

Kate Brown is a typical incompetent liberal.

She thinks she’s accomplished something by executive order to force her will on Oregon regarding the climate change hoax, but she’ll be overturned by the Supreme Court even if some lesser judge initially approves her dictatorial order. So all this farce is going to accomplish will be to cost Oregon taxpayers millions to stop her.

That is not good leadership, and Brown is intent upon turning Oregon into the same economic mess as California. Enjoy the ride!

Carl F. Worden

Eagle Point

The disturbing truth

For years the NRA has repeated the lie (a time-honored Nazi propaganda technique) that Hitler took over Germany by disarming its citizens. The truth is far more disturbing.

Hitler attracted white nationalists by railing against minorities and blaming them for the country’s problems. He denounced his critics, especially the press, as “enemies of the people.” He surrounded himself with fanatics who considered him above the law.

He made loyalty to the state synonymous with loyalty to him. He held mass rallies, spewing hatred and lies while adoring mobs roared their approval. Supposedly sane Germans excused his maniacal behavior because they thought he was improving the economy.

In other words, he normalized crazy. There’s a demagogue in our White House following the same playbook. Anger, insults, lies and corruption are his stock in trade. His climate science denial and “deep state” delusions are as dangerous as they are stupid. Even his comments about the COVID-19 outbreak have been the usual “hoax/fake news” madness and misinformation his fans find so titillating.

Trump has deliberately spread the crapolavirus. Putting a demented birther in our nation’s highest office was a diabolically clever act of sabotage by Russia and the GOP.

Michael Steely


Trump’s incompetence

Trumpanistas complain about the deep state as if it is Trump’s enemy.

Well, guess what. The CDC or Centers for Disease Control is a big part of the deep state. Its function, before being ripped apart by Trump, was to protect us from threats like the coronavirus.

President Obama created a deep state task force across multiple government agencies to prevent the Ebola virus from taking hold in America, and his plan was successful. Trump fired that task force in 2018. Because of Trump, America is totally unprepared for the coronavirus epidemic.

Trump’s initial containment efforts were a complete disaster. In February he brought

14 infected people into the country and greeted them with Homeland Security representatives who had no training and no protective equipment. Then those representatives went home on regular commercial flights, potentially spreading the virus nationwide. Now there are over 1,000 cases.

The stock market dropped dramatically in response to the incompetence of the Trump administration. Trump is unable to protect the American people in this crisis, and the markets know it. Now the health and economic security of every American is in serious danger.

And what is Trump’s response? To simply lie about it.

Steve Bull


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