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Letters, March 18

Extend DMV renewals

Friday, in an update on the coronavirus impact, the governor of New Jersey announced that, as a result of the issues with the virus, the state DMV would extend the renewal date for driver licenses and vehicle registrations that come due in March, April and May, and would grant an extension to July 31, 2020 for renewal. This would eliminate ‘people traffic’ at the DMV offices.

The New Jersey governor also requested an extension from the federal government on the REAL ID Act. Given the deplorable state of affairs currently in place at Oregon DMV offices (huge lines, huge waiting times, screwed-up computer system and a failure to address the REAL ID Act) it seems like doing the same for Oregon citizens would be something practical that Gov. Kate Brown might be able to address with the same fervor she has for a “carbon tax.” Just imagine the money the state will save on SIEU DMV worker sick leave.

Ted Krempa


The deal becomes clear

Originally, the Christian/Trump nexus eluded me. I thought that Christians embraced Trump as a believer, even as he spectacularly failed at living in the Word.

Now it’s clear that each faction is using the other. Consider local Ira Edwards writing, “President Trump is not a role mode for many people, not for me, but he is supported by people who value traditions, morality, family American flag, Constitution and rule of law. That includes people like me whose first priority is to follow Jesus.” That is, force religious beliefs into the branches of our government.

The growing American Christian national movement is dedicated to limiting Western democratic, pluralist values, diluting public education with faith-based schools, replacing science with biblical textual interpretations and revelations, and restructuring family, community and government based upon forms of dominion theology. The deal between Edwards and Trump is that as long as Trump hires and nominates to positions of power Christian nationalists such as Pence, Barr, Pompeo, Perry, deVos, Carson, et al.; ostentatiously prays with while privately taking counsel from leaders of Christian national organizations; and promotes agendas from Christian national business leaders, the foot soldiers promise to hold their noses and vote for him.

John Gaffey


More info needed on timber sale

I am writing to alert you and your readers to the Bureau of Land Management’s proposed Bear Grub Timber Sale. This sale, which purports to diminish fire risks, proposes various logging treatments over an enormous swath of land from Talent to Applegate.

The BLM is currently preparing an Environmental Assessment, but has provided little information to the public about the sale. Based on the scant information provided, community members believe that the proposed “group selection” logging is a form of clearcutting that will exacerbate fire danger by causing the regrowth of dense, fire-prone vegetation. We are also concerned that the treatments will harm habitats and wildlife, including several endangered species.

It appears that there has been no consideration of climate change, nor the potential impacts on visitor-serving businesses whose customers are drawn by our wonderful scenery. No information has been provided about cutting new roads to access remote logging sites. Last but not least, substantial logging treatments are proposed in the beloved and pristine Wellington Wildlands.

Please join us in urging BLM to hold a community meeting to explain their proposal before they complete their environmental review process.

Liza Crosse

Applegate Valley

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