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Letters, March 20

Consider victory gardens

During World War II, Americans grew victory gardens. This may be a great time to think about one for your own garden.

Even if you have a back porch you can grow a container garden. Don’t know how? Pinterest or Google are a great place to start.

We are going to get through this. Americans are resilient!

Terri Rose

Central Point

The ticking time bomb

We seem to hear conflicting information from authorities concerning precautions concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19).

It is evident the infection is continuing to grow worldwide and in the U.S. We have been assured by our authorities that this pandemic will soon be brought under control, but they cannot offer proof that their comments are accurate.

In the midst of this there could be a ticking time bomb that has not been addressed, and that is the impact of the coronavirus in the homeless community. If this coronavirus enters the homeless communities it could spread rapidly because of unsanitary living conditions, and the fact the homeless lack a sense of responsibility that would be needed to contain this coronavirus epidemic.

If there is an epidemic within the homeless community, it would impact the whole city or town as the homeless roam through public places, and due to their lack of awareness and concern they would be impossible to voluntarily quarantine.

Lastly, at this time there does not seem to be sufficient oversight by health officials concerning the virus impact of the homeless, and there is a good possibility that the coronavirus may already be embedded within the homeless community.

Pete Ketcham


COVID-19 and the economy

As we face this possibly unprecedented threat to our nation’s health from COVID-19, I am heartened by how many state and local officials are stepping up to the plate with necessary measures, even if unpopular, to protect us all. It has also been heartwarming to see many citizens offer to help those most vulnerable — the elderly, health care personnel needing child care, etc. We will get through this, but not without considerable suffering, both in illness and in our pocketbooks.

If there is a point in time in which we should be thankful for good government, it is now. It has been trendy to denigrate government as wasteful, incompetent, non-responsive. Pejorative terms like “deep state,” “bureaucracy,” etc., are in vogue. But I for one am so glad we have competent people at local and state and federal levels that have expertise in their area and are motivated by the common good, not partisan politics. Without them, this pandemic would be much worse to navigate.

Read Steven Pinker’s book “Enlightenment Now” to get a detailed sense of how government and the rule of law has benefited our collective societies over the years.

Bruce Van Zee


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