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Letters, March 24

Republican proposals for ‘free’ money

If the current maladministration wants to give a couple of trillion dollars to the cruise lines, airlines and hotel industry, they had best tie cables to the money, with criminal sanctions attached, to any organization that uses that money to further profit from the pandemic crisis.

No stock buybacks of any kind, no bonuses to any executive of any company receiving funds, and especially no money to any company with ties to the U.S. government (Trump companies, specifically), also no funds received from the government to be spent on buying smaller companies in trouble because of the financial crisis brought on by Wall Street and lax government “regulators.” First and foremost, those funds should be used to cushion the blow for the millions of people soon to be out of work, either in quarantine or laid off because of businesses closing due to the pandemic.

If those rules are engraved in granite before any funding measures go to the toddler in chief for his scrawl, I might unwillingly support the addition of $2 trillion to the deficit.

Ed Cooper

Gold Hill

The onslaught of lies

Credibility is difficult to regain once lost. Since the current White House occupant has lied for years, over 16,000 times since Inauguration Day, his chances of recovering credibility and integrity are now zero.

Lying about the size of crowds is trivial. But lying about substantial events, like the path of hurricanes, or the details of a viral pandemic and the adequacy of his response, can cause death. Yet, so concerned is this president about his infallibility that he lies, and then lies about lying. And the result is a national lack of preparedness to confront the deadly onslaught — and a stock market crash unlike anything the nation has seen.

Rejecting medical consensus places Americans’ immediate health at risk; rejecting climate science places future generations at risk. Rejecting science and promoting delusion is standard, self-serving, short-sighted Trump Cult behavior.

It is difficult to accept that there is anyone left in the country who will defend this ignoramus president. Yet, even in Southern Oregon, a handful of far-right extremists are prepared to defend and promote this president. It’s time to return acceptance of reality and basic human decency to Main Street and the White House. Any alternative to Trump would save lives.

Alan Journet


The guy in the White House

A letter writer on March 22 asks me to think of one positive about the guy in the White House. Something about the man himself.

I’ve been attempting to do that for almost four years. I get zip, nada, nothing!

Mary Lewis


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