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Letters, March 27

Fix medical supply problem

I am a reasonably well informed citizen. However, I find it astonishingly incomprehensible that the federal government refuses to take control of the medical supply fiasco, leaving our medical caregivers in a desperate situation.

I therefore suggest that the states form a joint medical supply authority, empowered to negotiate for, purchase, allocate and distribute medical supplies. Allocation could be balanced between the individual and collective needs of states.

I pray that by the time this letter is read, it will have been overcome by events.

Eric Dziura


Running for Congress

I must comment on the letter (March 23) stating that neither Jason Atkinson nor John Holm seem to know what office they are seeking.

It has been customary for many years in the United States for people running for a seat in the United States House of Representatives to say that they are running for Congress. Male members of the House of Representatives are often called congressmen.

People running for the Senate say they are running for the Senate, not for Congress. Members of the Senate are called senators, not congressmen.

Harlow Z. Head


Re-learning the value of capitalism

In view of the current challenge facing the nation and world with the coronavirus, I am grateful for our robust private sector and our capitalistic system. This foundation gives flexibility, ingenuity and energy demanded by rapidly changing aspects of this infection.

Government has a role to play in facing the challenge. However, it will be our private sector, including “big pharma,” that will rise to produce what is needed for every aspect of the response to the pandemic.

The diversity of businesses and those working in the private sector will come up with innovative solutions, new ideas and new means of production. Central planning bodies like government are not capable of rapid changes or adopting new paradigms quickly, all of which is necessary for dealing with this rapidly spreading contagion.

Kudos to capitalism!

Martin Tice


United we stand

Americans from every walk of life, every political party, every social economic segment, every color, are the same to this virus. Now is the time to see that we share more things in common than what sets us apart.

The very fiber of our nation is being tested. It is maddening that our leader at first was trying to tell Americans that it will go away in a couple of weeks, or when the weather warms up it will go away, or that once again it was a hoax by the Democrats.

The problem is, Pandora’s box is already open. All we can do now is deal with it as the medical experts keep us informed.

Speaking for myself, I find no comfort in Pence or Jared Kushner being on the front lines of this pandemic. Let the experts do their jobs.

Now is not the time to blame states for not doing a good enough job. The federal response has been lackluster at best. Shaming others and never taking responsibility for your own actions or lack there of is growing very thin.

God bless America.

Ron Cavalli


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