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Letters, May 1

Safety in grocery stores

This is in appreciation for and agreement with the April 22 letter from Ken Hawes, “Masks are crucial.”

I am a member/owner of the Medford Food Co-op. I have always appreciated the healthy food and the friendly, courteous employees there. However, the explanation send to me by the store as to why employees are not required to wear masks really insulted my intelligence. The message states” Wearing a cloth mask during an entire workday is uncomfortable.” Yes, but our brave health care workers wear them through entire 12-hour shifts. The message further states “warmth + moisture = thriving environment for bacteria and viruses.” I am not a scientist, but isn’t this exactly the reason to wear a mask, so that the bacteria and viruses coming from the mask wearer do not escape to infect other people.

Like Ken Hawes, I will only be patronizing stores whose employees are wearing masks.

Terry Stone


Opinion missed the point

In their April 19 opinion submission, Rich Rosenthal and Stephen Jensen miss the main point of Ashland Citizens for Economic Sustainability — a growing public concern over Ashland’s ever-increasing spending the past 10 years, and the undue burden placed on residents and businesses, making Ashland even more unaffordable.

Susan T. Wison and Shaun Moran are hardly the only ones asking for prudent fiscal management and accountability. Thoughtful members of the Citizens Budget Committee have been sounding the alarm for the past few years. And more citizens are asking why their fees and taxes keep going up and up. For more information on these issues, see ashlandaces.com.

Now, with massive impacts of COVID-19, local governments are anticipating huge declines in revenue and unavoidable cutbacks. The Ashland City Council should rein in spending now and start planning prudent cuts. They simply can’t persist in more fees and additional strains on our citizens. Ordinary people are already hurting and it’s going to get worse.

What will the priorities be — a grand new City Hall and big new projects, or more basic needs to help us through these difficult times? I hope the council will finally step up and do the right thing.

Suzanne Frey


McLeod-Skinner for secretary of state

Maybe, like me, you’ve wondered what a secretary of state actually does. S/he oversees elections and audits and ensures sustainable stewardship of state lands and waterways. Because the position is in the executive branch, the secretary manages government agencies and is first in line to take over as governor, if needed.

To do this job well, the secretary must be a bridge-builder who understands Oregonians from East to South to Metro. Jamie has been a successful city councilor, project manager, city administrator and refugee settlement director because she listens well and follows through on what she hears. Jamie’s background in water law and environmental planning makes her a natural selection for the secretary’s role on the State Lands Board. I trust Jamie to be fair in developing policies, to act transparently and to remain competent under pressure. Let’s together make Jamie Oregon’s Secretary of State.

Bob Morse


Presidential tweets described

“Non impediti ratione cogitationis — unencumbered by the thought process.”

A phrase attributed to Tom Magliozzi that describes DJT’s tweets.

B. Steely


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