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Letters, May 4

Elect Joe Charter

Prior to my retirement, I practiced law in Jackson County for over 40 years. I got to know Jackson County judges, not always in a fun-filled way, but always in a mutually respectful way.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to elevate Joe Charter from the Justice Court to the Circuit Court in the upcoming May election.

I have known Joe for a long time. He is honest, capable, patient, and even handed. I trust him completely.

It is important to have good judges. Please join me in voting for Joe Charter for Jackson County Circuit Court judge.

Allen Drescher


Vote no on Ashland bond

In the Voters’ Guide sent out last week, I urged a no vote on Ashland’s $8.2 million bond to remodel Ashland City Hall, the Community Center and Pioneer Hall. Since the piece was submitted in mid-March, the COVID-19 lockdown has added a strong new reason for delay.

Gov. Kate Brown’s stay-at-home order has meant lost jobs for hundreds of Ashlanders as restaurants and stores have closed, and is poking a big hole in the city’s budget. Since Ashland has zero reserves, the city cannot give small businesses $2,500 checks as Grants Pass is going or adopt Seaside’s forgiveness of hotel taxes and reductions in water charges.

Today Ashland is not the “vibrant, thriving city” cited in the Voters’ Guide. We hope this is temporary, but the city’s looming huge deficit should foreclose on any major new spending.

David Runkel


Jason Atkinson for Congress

Don’t accept Oregon Right to Life’s endorsement of Jimmy Crumpacker for the 2nd Congressional District. He is a carpetbagger from Portland who decided he could represent the residents of Eastern and Southern Oregon. I haven’t found any evidence of a life-long champion of the unborn, supporter of the Second Amendment, or knowing the people of this district.

Instead, vote for Jason Atkinson. He knows us, supports life, defends the pre-born. ORTL has given him a 100% pro-life rating! He doesn’t support tax increases and has an A-plus rating with the National Rifle Association. He has legislative experience supporting solid, conservative Republican values. ORTL knows Jason is pro-life, yet passed him up for a guy with a bunch of money, no connection to the district, and no record of being pro-life. To have passed up Jason is a disgrace. We need Jason Atkinson as our congressman.

Elizabeth Slavick


Exactly what we need

I’ve been a Medford resident most of my 34 years of life. I am also a mother of very active boys.

I know my children would greatly appreciate having a sports complex as an option for constructive activities! Please vote for Measures 15-187 and 15-188 this May, and urge the Medford City Council to approve the project

By doing so, Medford can establish itself as a West Coast destination for year-round indoor sports and recreation events that will help fuel our economy, much like what U.S. Cellular Community Park has done over the past decade. It’s exactly what we need.

Jessica Pratt


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