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Letters, May 8

Good night and good luck

Trump lies about COVID-19 science, and party loyalists rush to support him. Joe struggles to be coherent, and party loyalists rush to support him. The marching morons chant the “taxes fund spending” lie and both parties strike up the band. All hail “trickle down” economics. Awesome! Unity at last.

Those that understand economics and the ways of science have no fear of the current shutdown and the negative per-barrel quotes. For those aware of the external consequences, the truth is, the shutdown has provided the data critical for guiding us to a better future.

Sadly, most reading this will insist (against all reason and evidence) universal basic income will destroy our cherished economic superiority. To spite reality, and the creatures in the wild spaces, most reading this will demand a return to the normality of their barely sustainable lifestyles of the near past.

I feel much pity for those that prefer the familiar over the better. So as you, the hapless reader, prefer the tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, I have yet again wasted my time and this space suggesting a way to a much more desirable future. Good night and good luck.

Robert I. Price


Vote no on sports complex

Do we want more traffic in Medford? Have you enjoyed driving to your essential services in the last month with little or no traffic? Do you want to pay more on your utility bills?

The business community wants you to vote yes on the ballot measure for a new sports complex in the upcoming May vote. The result if it passes will be more congested roads and an increase in your utility bill. Vote no on the sports complex and make them figure out a better way for the poor people to go swimming.

The Medford City Council is feeding us a bunch of baloney that they won’t raise your utility bill to pay for the sports complex. Can you afford to pay more taxes in these troubling times, especially if you have lost your job or are on a fixed income like me?

Judy Homes


A Democrat for Dotterrer

I am a confirmed Democrat. Dave Dotterrer is a Republican. But I am supporting Dave for county commissioner because I feel he is above politics.

I know him to be honest, thoughtful and intelligent. He will do what is best for the county, not what is best for Dave, the Republicans or the Democrats.

Jerry Kenefick


Endorsing Heuertz

I am delighted to endorse Nick Heuertz for nomination to the U.S. House of Representatives seat (OR-2) currently held by Greg Walden.

“Nik” is a Democrat standing for universal health care and economic renewal of our rural district. He will be a champion for job-creating investments in renewable energy and infrastructure. Nik grew up on a small farm in Jackson County and will be a loyal servant of our communities.

Please join me in voting for Nik!

Jay Lininger


Vote no on Measure 15-193

The city of Ashland needs a wake-up call on its additional levy of $8.2 million for a new City Hall.

Countless Southern Oregonians are without a job, bills pilling up, and an uncertain future — but the city fights for a new City Hall for just a small number of employees. This craziness has pushed people — across state lines — to highly question how in touch Ashland and its City Council are with all who live here.

The opposition to this latest includes citizens of all political stripes and parties. Even before the pandemic, many felt this it was very overpriced and not appropriate given the city’s now serious financial problems.

Some of the same folks are pushing for the new “swimming pool/sports complex” in Medford. As in “Network,” the 1976 movie, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.” Vote no on 15-193!

Dennis Powers


Mud-slinging alive and well

Because sporting events have vanished from view during COVID-19 time, fans nationwide have been distraught. Happily, in Oregon we have the next best thing to full contact sports: mud slinging on television ads by some Republican candidates seeking to represent the 2nd Congressional District.

Two of the most accomplished mud-slingers are Knute Buehler and Jimmy Crumpacker. If mud-slingers were rated like NFL quarterbacks, these two would easily score over 100.

Apparently it’s down and dirty time, a time for blind-side blocking and giving voice to the worst cliches about guns, border security, sanctuary cities, the rule of law and so-called conservative values. Unhappily, the two present themselves as clones of President Trump, ardently attaching themselves to his ever-shortening coattails, and voicing nothing that resembles an original idea.

Voters in the 2nd District deserve better.

Jim Dean


Wear an honor mask

At this writing we only have a few dozen COVID-19 cases here in the valley. That’s great. Is it time to celebrate? Not even close.

The novel coronavirus is something we’ve never seen before, very contagious, maybe incredibly contagious. The point is, this thing is dangerous and nobody knows how dangerous.

So, let’s wear our masks to protect ourselves, our community, and our sense of common concern for all of us. More importantly, let’s wear our masks as a badge of honor and commitment to all the front-line folks risking themselves so we can live reasonably comfortably.

This thing can only be defeated by absolute effort from the whole community. Small errors and slip-ups will immediately infect exponentially, and we’ll be right back to total lockdowns and more sorrow.

Please do your part, even if it seems like a safe situation. We don’t know what safe is at this point. Seems like it will be a while before we know what safe is, so do your part, honor those risking all for the welfare of the rest of us, wear your honor mask.

Jim Akins


Wallan unqualified

Rep. Kim Wallan’s walkout during the 2020 legislative session was juvenile, irresponsible and intellectually dishonest. She betrayed our democracy and the trust of constituents, while ignoring many important issues, one of them funding Kids Time.

Voters expected representation, not dereliction. This behavior appears consistent with her extremist approach since she has argued that free markets will solve everything: Leave problems alone and they resolve themselves. Concerned about bad drugs and poisoned foods? No problem! These will cause consumers to die and stop buying. Thus, Wallan argues, producers would go out of business. How does this libertarian free market thinking solve COVID-19?

Wallan denies that oil companies receive subsidies but this is one reason that cheaper, cleaner, American-made, alternative fuels haven’t replaced oil in the transportation sector. Wallan’s failure to understand SB 1530 and acknowledge reality before walking out and deserting us should disqualify her from reelection to House District 6.

Chuck Rhine


Change the page

I congratulate Greg Jeffries for his thoughtful letter suggesting that we put aside political differences in these troubled times. Our community could sure use some positive thoughts and actions these days.

In the spirit of his suggestion, I would like to see the MT editorial board change the look of its Opinion page, at least for a couple of months. Let’s do away with the editorial cartoons, both pro and con. In its place, run a cartoon from the regular cartoon page or a cartoon from a reader. As for the Other Views and the normal local editorials, let’s publish content directly relevant and helpful to our current crisis. I’m sure it is wishful thinking on my part, but let’s give Pitts, Milbank, Will, Parker, et al., a brief time out.

Our community is facing a real threat and there will be significant impacts to our friends and neighbors. We really need to pull together at this time. It sure would be a positive step from the publisher if he would give the green light to these suggestions. In the meantime, pray for our health care workers and first responders for the risks they are taking protecting our community.

Ted Krempa


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