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Letters, May 25

Roberts should apologize

Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts was involved in a rally in downtown Medford last weekend to protest the efforts made by state government in fighting the threat of COVID-19. I was disappointed to learn that local leaders such as Roberts took this position and went as far as encouraging attendees to gather in close proximity to one another.

My family has invested the past three months adhering to the wishes of our governor out of concern for our safety and the safety of others. Roberts willingly participated in an event that ran contrary to the better judgment of her office and further presented behavior that was disrespectful to the majority including front-line workers, hospital staff and the elderly.

I ask that she present a public apology. I expect her to recommit to the guidelines given by the state authority. I have not hugged my neighbor or my mother in three months.

Murray Huggins


Loss of trust in the FBI, rule of law

Coronavirus is a consequential assault on our country, but an even more serious attack is occurring against an even more important institution of our country — the rule of law. As a retired FBI agent, I clearly recall in basic training the importance placed upon the support of the public as a key to our success. This support, in turn, is equally dependent upon the trust that citizens have in law enforcement.

Over many decades, the FBI had acquired this level of trust. I recall how the display of my credentials produced willing cooperation from people from all walks of life. Those “creds” unlocked doors from bank vaults to board rooms. I also recall taking incoming phone calls from people seeking advice on nearly every aspect of life, from legal matters to anything that was confounding or troubling them. Such was the trust in our bureau in those days!

However, I, and fellow retirees with whom I speak, are angry and depressed about recent criminal actions of top FBI officials which have reduced, even destroyed the faith and trust of the American people in our great organization, and in the rule of law itself.

Support AG Barr in prosecuting these criminals!

George Mozingo


Patriots, masks and pandemics

As a combat veteran and former first responder, I have personally seen real patriots give their lives to protect fellow Americans. The current viral pandemic makes us all front-line troops against an invisible enemy.

Since we cannot know if we carry the virus, the one simple action we can take to defeat this enemy is to put on a mask when in close contact with others. This should not require a government directive, although such a directive would no more threaten “our rights” than the requirement to stop at red lights or not drive at 100 mph down Main Street.

Not uniting to defeat this enemy means allowing it to continue killing our fellow citizens, eliminating their jobs and destroying our economy. For Christians, not following government health directives violates biblical directions from both Paul (Romans 13) and Peter (1 Peter 2:13) who died for our faith.

Larry Todd


I do not consent

On May 17, an article was printed regarding a demonstration to reduce COVID-19 restrictions in Medford. One protester was shown carrying a sign saying that he did not consent to masks, social distancing or contact tracing, stating it was his body, his choice.

Well, I do not consent to you putting my life in jeopardy by not doing something so simple as wearing a mask and staying back. I do not consent to you making this quarantine last even longer because you refuse to believe and follow the recommendations of the scientific experts because you “know better.” I do not consent to you causing fear by attending rallies with assault weapons. Who do you plan to shoot — the virus? Elected officials? The police? Me?

Susan Lacey


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