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Letters, May 26

BLM should do better

Like many of my neighbors, I am disappointed with the BLM’s Bear Grub timber sale.

Throughout Southern Oregon, communities and land managers have been pulling together to prepare for fire season by reducing fuels through small-diameter thinning projects, utilization of prescribed fire and clearing defensible space around homes and structures.

Unfortunately, the BLM undermines regional fire safety efforts when it implements “group selection” and “regeneration harvest” logging practices that remove fire-resilient big trees and replace them with dense second-growth timber plantations.

There are thousands upon thousands of acres of existing second-growth timber plantations in the hills surrounding the Rogue Valley that the BLM can and should be treating instead of targeting native forests for logging. The BLM’s singular focus on timber production targets comes at the expense of wildlife, watersheds, recreation and fire safety.

George Sexton


Stay safe first

On May 16, hundreds of people gathered at the Jackson County Justice Building despite the state order that forbids gatherings of over 25 people.

Those protesters are entitled to use their First Amendment rights to protest, but what is the cost of the freedom they seek? Almost all of the people at that event did not follow the state’s and county health department’s recommendation to wear masks and social distance.

The freedom that those protesters seek is not free. We should not lightly dismiss the over 90,000 Americans who have already lost their lives to COVID-19.

While those protesters were clearly Trump supporters, COVID-19 does not care about political ideology. Oregonians have done a great job of flattening the curve up to this point, but the virus is out there, and still needs to be taken seriously.

We must stand united together to beat this disease.

Make America Great Again is a noble idea, and we will rise again as a nation some day when this plague has passed, but that day is not today.

Not yet.

This pain will pass, but we must be patient. Please stay home, stay safe and God bless.

Donna Breedlove


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