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Letters, May 27

Call the Geek Squad

Please, somebody, explain to me why after 11 years and $86 million to fix our antiquated computer system nothing has been done.

We still can’t issue unemployment checks to the thousands that have tried to apply. I say “tried” because even our phone system doesn’t work.

Perhaps if our inept Gov. Brown had called the Geek Squad they would have had it done for half the price and 10 years ago. As it is, “they” claim it won’t be ready for another five years — bringing the time-line to 16 years. By that time the system will be out of date and further antiquated. How can the governor and her minions even face the constituency?

What about the funds sent by the feds to help the cities not passed on because they are “holding” them? Remind Gov. Brown that she governs the entire state and not just the Portland corridor.

It appears that they are her only “constituency” and the only people that matter. This fiasco has been allowed to continue because there is no one up in Salem to speak for the rest of the state — be we in the east or the south of the state. We don’t exist.

P. Moran


Increasing fire danger

What would you say to plans to increase fire danger for the next five to 20 years? Anyone who has lived through Southern Oregon summers since the turn of the century would say, “That’s a stupid idea!”

Yet that is exactly what BLM plans to do. That’s right, BLM is proposing to carry out projects that will increase fire danger on your land, public land, for the next five to 20 years. Don’t take my word for it, that’s what BLM concluded in their analysis of two similar previous projects.

BLM’s proposed “Bear Grub Vegetation Management Plan” states that the purpose of their activities is to reduce fire danger, but analysis shows the opposite, that fire danger will increase significantly. Is BLM schizophrenic?

Everyone agrees we need to improve the health of our forests, but we too often get bogged down in the how and why. As we try to figure this out, we should not make the problem worse. BLM should cancel Bear Grub. For more information, go to https://stopbeargrub.org.

Jack Duggan

Applegate Valley

What he really said

Does anybody really believe that the president of the United States encouraged people to drink, inhale and/or inject Lysol or bleach to combat COVID-19? Anybody who has seen the original video knows what he really said.

During one of his Covid-19 task force daily briefings President Trump speculated about the use of ultraviolet light as a disinfectant to kill the virus. Subsequently Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the “lame stream media” distorted and misquoted the president to begin spreading falsehoods. An article by two Los Angeles Times writers on the front page of the Mail Tribune’s May 6 edition continues that pattern. The article describes “Trump’s misguided medical advice, including his dangerous suggestion that injecting household disinfectant could cure COVID-19.” No such statement was ever made by the president, and the Times article merely shows the writers’ level of Trump Derangement Syndrome (and perhaps their fondness for Kool-Aid).

Gail Martin


No parade for me

Congratulations to the Medford City Council, you have successfully defrauded the voting public into constructing a sports/convention complex and using a lodging tax increase to sell it.

It must soon be time to call in the 76 trombones and have a big parade. Please excuse me, for I don’t care for your kind of music nor will I attend the big parade.

Dale Casey


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