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Letters, May 30

Trump does not love Israel

I am responding to the statement by Gordon DeVos that President Trump loves Israel, so that is why he loves Trump.

President Trump does not love Israel. He loves money! And power! He will turn on Israel just as easily as he has turned on many other friends and allies (both individuals and nations) the minute he feels like it. Especially if he feels a threat to his self-conceived supremacy.

DeVos’s logic feels much too much like that of many, many other in the voting public. Pick out one cause, only one — say immigration, or gun rights, or taxes, or abortion — and make that one’s only concern politically. Then discard the fact that ignoring the big picture for a single issue cannot sustain a free republic with rights for all such as we are now in danger of losing.

I quote Samuel Johnson: “The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.” Just as true today as it was in the 1700s.

Kathleen Heritage


Not keeping us safe

Doesn’t our national government have the responsibility to keep its citizens safe?

Is security only protection from hostile forces? No! Security includes absence of harm, food security, clean water, resilience against potential damage from insecure structures, secure communication lines, and secure housing. Let’s add the presence of essential medical supplies to the list, like masks, gloves, gowns and qualified personnel. The U.S. considers itself a world power and is among the wealthiest. So, what’s up?

The Trump administration is reversing at least 100 regulations promoting clean air/water; it’s reversing policies that countered decades of housing discrimination. Food sources are compromised as taxpayer funds line the pockets of industrial-scale agriculture CEOs.

The government has shut down two times — once for 35 days! The occupant of the White House puts ego and political priorities over the advancement of our interests. Furthermore, he undermines our role as a leader on climate change action.

We have lost our international credibility and are losing allies. His dismissive attitude toward the WHO and COVID-19 resulting in thousands of American deaths and his undermining of the CDC — an agency held in high international regard as a standard-bearer for American medical excellence — are totally insane!

Louise D. Shawkat


Do only sports count?

Day after day we grieve that sports are being curtailed for children of all ages. Surely they will all be unable to move if the pandemic continues another week.

In the meantime there has not been a single article bemoaning the fact children have not been able to sing in their chorus or play in the their school orchestra or band. Drama students surely must miss presenting plays, but not one letter or article has been written about their loss either.

So many different programs have been suspended, but only the athletic programs seem to get any coverage by our local paper. Is there a reason for this or has it just been overlooked?

Knowing how much ALL activities help students, and knowing how much they love to participate, why not put one of your crack reporters doing something other than telling about what a sorry situation it is that they can’t play ball or golf or tennis.

Lynn and Doris Sjolund


Email Colleen Roberts

Cindy Harper is correct that we do not agree that anyone has the freedom to ignore safety precautions when it involves the health and safety an entire community.

Commissioner Colleen Roberts attended the rally, as she supports this mistaken idea of freedom.

Email her to let her know that we don’t agree with this dangerous behavior. I have .

Char Hersh



The Trump administration’s coronavirus response has been so disorganized that people don’t know whether to heed the advice of experts or grab their MAGA hats and rally for the right to infect others.

Initially Trump dismissed all the “hysteria” over the disease as a plot to bring down his presidency. When all hell broke loose, his lack of leadership resulted in serious, ongoing shortages of tests and critical equipment.

First, he denied there was any shortage; then he blamed it on Obama. He used our nation’s highest office to peddle a quack cure. He even urged his cult followers to “liberate” states from his own administration’s disease-prevention guidelines. When armed thugs bearing swastikas and Confederate flags invaded Michigan’s capitol, Trump praised them as “very good people.” Like attracts like.

The front-line heroes fighting COVID-19 have been hampered at every step by Trump’s colossal stupidity. We needed a competent leader capable of directing a coordinated national response. What we have is a scam artist who’s been fined millions for running a fraudulent charity and university. Now he’s running a fraudulent administration. Imagine all the lives that could have been saved if we had a real president.

Michael Steely


Farmer’s view of Bear Grub

As an organic farmer in the Applegate Valley I am intimately tied to the land, the water and the climate. Many of us settled in this region for the abundant natural resources and beautiful public lands. Our farms and businesses are dependent on clean water coming from public lands and the water holding capacity of our mature conifer forests. This connection to the land leads me to question the logic of the Bear Grub Timber Sale proposed by the BLM in the Applegate Valley.

The Bear Grub Timber Sale proposes “group selection” logging which removes whole groves of mature forest in a patchwork of small clearcuts, up to four acres in size and across up to 30% of a timber sale unit. This logging will dry forest stands by introducing more sunlight and wind. It will also increase fire hazards around our communities and homes and impact the watersheds that make up the beautiful Applegate River which provides water to our farms.

As a steward of the land, I hope the BLM can consider the wildlife, the river and the communities downstream that depend on healthy forests and clean water. Please cancel the Bear Grub timber sale!

Brian Hannagan, Sun Spirit Farm


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