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Letters, July 1

Thiessen is wrong

Marc Thiessen writes (June 21) that taking a knee during the anthem is protesting your country, not racism. I profoundly disagree. According to Marc, flag-hugging and anthem-singing is a virtue and to protest these things means you believe America is evil (his words).

Evil are the actions that have torn this country apart and enduring racism stretching across the past few hundred years. Evil is violence against hard-working, innocent folks rising up against the ongoing inability to share in the American Dream.

Evil is systemic economic disparity that leaves major portions of the working class doing the work and being left out of reasonable hope for a better future; universal health care provided throughout the First World is denied to tens of millions of working Americans.

Taking a knee is the purest form of nonviolent protest, in the great tradition of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

I ask Marc, if not take a knee, what? How else do you express yourself? Kap has said his piece and paid the price professionally. All of a sudden folks are listening that never listened before.

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Jim Akins


Let’s be smart

Give people an inch and they’ll take a mile. Those who are taking that mile are certainly getting the expected results — more virus cases.

Wearing a mask in public and distancing aren’t that difficult and are little enough to ask. Washing one’s hands is also a must. Although my hands have probably lost ten pounds over the past three months from all the washing, it’s necessary.

If we’re not smart now, it may be too late.

Mary Ann Johnson


Who are they?

Who are these nameless, faceless, able-bodied, rabble-rousing rioters? Where do they come from? Who feeds them? Where do they sleep? Who is encouraging and organizing them? Who pays them?

How much longer must we tax-paying, working, responsible, contributing citizens endure this madness? What can we, individually and as groups, do to put an end to this insanity?

Juanita Bright


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