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Letters, July 6

Stop the sale of fireworks

Every year, Oregon has devastating fires that consume hundreds of thousands of acres, damage to homes, lands, health and tax dollars. Please consider the firefighters who risk and sometimes lose lives because of these fires.

Lightning we can’t help, but fires caused by fireworks we can. Let’s stop the sale of fireworks to the public. Every year, fires start from fireworks at home.

In the recent past, a massive fire in the Columbia Gorge was set off by accident with an innocent toss of fireworks supposedly aimed to land in the water. It did not make it. This turned into a devastating disaster and caused more harm than I have space to write about. Please look it up.

I love Oregon. I love our home and our health and being able to go outside and see the sky, hear the birds, and know that our air has good enough quality to breathe.

Please, if this makes sense to you, share with your friends and contact our representatives and tell them it is up to them to stop the yearly fires that often come during the Fourth of July.

Tana Domecq-Davis


Excuses for not wearing masks

I’ve heard a few excuses for not wearing masks. These seem to be mostly about independence and freedom. Unfortunately, it also seems to be a political statement.

I have a different take on what not wearing a mask says: If I have COVID-19, then you to, should have it!

Richard Franke


Training, accountability are must-haves

I don’t disagree with Alison Duren-Sutherland’s thoughts about funding unarmed crisis responders for certain situations. But we still need armed law enforcement because not every crisis can be handled amicably without some force, whether arms or capture. I do not believe defunding or disbanding law enforcement is an answer to all the problems of the world. Better training and accountability are musts. I want to add that from what I have seen the Medford PD and the Central Point PD do an excellent job of law enforcement and social relations. Thank you to both organizations.

Sharon Deemar

Central Point

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