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Letters, July 7

Freedom and liberty

I recently traveled to Texas because of a family emergency. Down here there’s a lot of talk about “freedom.” Freedom to not wear a mask, freedom to go to crowded restaurants, freedom to do as you dang well please.

Unfortunately, there’s less consideration of “liberty,” which carries with it a sense of responsibility to the community. As a result, the number of Texas COVID-19 cases is rising and hospitals are filling.

In the face of ineffective federal leadership, smart, responsible leadership at the state level is even more essential. We need science-driven policy and we need all levels of elected officials to get on board to enact that policy effectively. Most of us may be focused on the presidential race, but we should pay close attention to more local elections, such as the county commissioner race. Let’s elect candidates who can play a responsible role in making and then supporting policy — candidates who value liberty, not just freedom.

Dale Gates


Freedom of speech and flags

Cheryl Lamore (June 24) wants to know “who gave them permission to change the colors of the flag?”

Isn’t that exactly the point that we are all so proud of about America, whose flag we honor on June 14? That no one needs to ask permission of someone else to fly whatever flag they choose to fly, to make a statement? The freedom of speech is part of the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Further, nothing in that document guarantees any of us the right to be spared exposure to the opinions of others with which we might disagree, nor the right to never be offended by others’ expression of those rights.

Reade King


Educate BLM

It was great living in a country which voted every four years, making possible a bloodless coup and preventing mob rule. It was a civilized world. The losing party would accept the results and become good Americans, unite with the winning party and solve problems.

Also, in four years the losing party has another candidate. However, Joe Bidden is a lemon. He struggles to communicate on the campaign trail. He sometimes can’t put two thoughts together.

Now a mob, led by Black Lives Matter, is tearing down statues. This uncivilized movement could have been nipped in the bud by the press. When Black Lives Matter wanted the statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee removed. The press took a quote out of context from a 1856 letter he wrote to his wife. This out-of-context quote did paint General Lee as a racist.

However, by reading the complete letter you will learn that General Lee was a very religious man who attempted to understand why God allowed slavery to exist. He prayed for the abolition of slavery.

The press had the opportunity to educate Black Lives Matter on General Lee’s true nature and to frown upon removing any historical statue.

Bill Hartley


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