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Letters, July 8

Don’t tread on me

Over the years I’ve seen several Gadsden flags in our valley. Most of them have been stickers on big trucks driven by white men, or on flag posts under the United States flag in front yards.

I’m curious if these people think that flag is meant purely metaphorically, or if, perhaps, they understand that it could be taken literally. When one of us is trod on by the knee of a so-called officer of peace, we are all trod on. So keep flying that flag, but make sure you know it’s not just metaphorical, and stand up for the rights of Black Americans the same way you would stand up for your own. It begins at home.

Jon Buckley


A refreshing variety

Instead of the logic-free and tiresome leftist rants that seem to dominate the letters page anymore, Saturday, June 20, refreshingly offered a variety of views. Several were quite thoughtful, but two stuck out in particular.

In one, a doctor psychoanalyzed the president from afar. Whatever. I guess we are supposed to be impressed by his M.D. But I don’t respect anyone who tells untruths. This doctor claimed the president said that his only concern about people dying from COVID is how it made him look. This is absurd on its face and it never happened. I tried to find it.

By contrast, many thanks to Greg Jeffries, correcting the frequent claim that the president recommended injecting bleach to cure COVID. I watched the president’s remarks myself and that didn’t happen either. I especially appreciated this because Jeffries is a self-described liberal Democrat. He rightly points out that in criticizing literally everything the president says (and, I would add, lying about it), his camp discredits their message.

The truth is the most powerful and valuable reality in the universe. I lean conservative, but anyone who speaks truth is my friend. Those who spread lies are, well, not any of our friends.

Lynn Barton


Another take on statues

Regarding the letter “don’t tear down statues”: I’m not understanding why a family trying to enjoy a simple day in the park must continually have to summon inner strength to leave the park and not just enjoy their lunch with their family. It must be disheartening for people of color to have to tolerate this image lording down over them while they try to relax.

I would much prefer that these statues be saved for future generations in the context of a museum. History does not have to be forgotten, but should not be used to make whole groups of people feel uncomfortable. (I’m not excluding the distinct possibility that some use it to keep people unlike them out of their parks and common areas).

I say give these statues a proper home, sooner rather than later.

Mary Ann Price


Destroying monuments

I find it disgusting that Trump signed an order protecting so called monuments that are racist in nature and hurtful reminders to many people, while destroying other monuments like Bears Ears, marine monuments, etc., for fossil fuels. His Environmental Destruction Agency (EDA) will stop at nothing to destroy the monuments that we truly love and should be preserving for generations to come.

B. Gilbert


Feeding neighbors

Amazing. Although, due to COVID-19, there was no green bag pickup in June, the Ashland Food Project community and others in town generously donated to the Ashland Emergency Food Bank, sending in checks of all sizes to help the food bank buy necessities for our neighbors in need.

George Kramer, president of the AEFB board, told us, “AEFB is quite literally spending tens of thousands of dollars on food purchase monthly to make sure that any of our neighbors who need food can get it, to get through these times. We are humbled by the generosity of AFP donors and everyone else who are helping Ashland weather this storm.”

The AFP board thanks all who are helping in these trying times, and we hope to see those green bags out in August getting delivered to the food bank.

Amy Blossom

Ashland Food Project Board

Wallan must be replaced

Clearly in this time of climate change and COVID, it is mandatory that our government representatives be totally committed to reality.

Recently, a friend asked Kim Wallan what she might do about the subsidies to the fossil fuel corporations. She responded that there were no subsidies for fossil fuels. But a simple Google search on fossil fuel subsidies provided over 6,180,000 hits, in a half second.

Many of these indicate why we need to stop subsidizing fossil fuels and their development. Some, generally by industry groups, argue for continuing them. Whichever way you lean, you cannot deny that they very much exist.

We cannot tolerate a person formulating policy for the state who totally denies an obvious reality. Wallan must be replaced by someone who at least understands reality.

Ron Constable


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