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Letters, July 9

Tell us what you know

Every day this paper kindly publishes a report from Jackson County Public Health on the number of county residents afflicted with the virus, broken down by age and sometimes by zip code.

Many or most of us follow some degree of mask and distancing regimen. But with more granular information we could refine that to better effect. The JCPH people tracking cases must know or can certainly ask their subjects what sort of prevention practice they had been following. What kind, size and environment of group contacts had they? Did they regularly meet the public as employees or customers? Were they recluses or barflies?

Admittedly this will be unique, narrative, anecdotal, and uncontrolled, but so is everything else we use to develop our way of life, which is what we are reimagining now. Obviously no individual names, but names or at least types and sizes of places or events should be OK.

How are the patients doing? Don’t be uptight about HIPPA. We care about our neighbors and want to learn from their experience. Help us do that.

John Ames


Replace vs. remove

Several letters defend the keeping of monuments and statutes for the sake of historical education. Without accurate labeling, statutes cannot possibly convey the true American experience.

Instead of monument removal, perhaps we should instead replace their bronze placards. For example, “This is a monument to General (insert name here) who led a treasonous regime against the United States. This bronze was erected, in the 20th century, during a period of heightened racial tension by a white fraternal organization (insert name here) intending to intimidate minority communities and romanticize a bloody failed rebellion.”

There is no shame in being the descendant of an enslaved population, but there is shame in glorifying such cruelty.

Joan Walker


District deserves better

Serving on Republican House leadership and several committees, Kim Wallen is “honored to represent the people of House District 6”.

But what’s her basic responsibility in representing her district? Representatives minimally should attend throughout the legislative session. In 2020 Wallan only bothered to attend about half the session, walking out on over 40 legislative proposals important to her constituents.

How can anyone represent Medford if they aren’t there? If we don’t show up to work, do we get paid? With all Oregon’s problems, the least representatives can do is show up.

Four months of physical distancing have highlighted our dependence on each other. Our economy doesn’t work when the doors are closed. The Covid-19 virus has highlighted the similarities between pandemic and climate chaos. The social and economic problems facing us demand presence and problem solving.

Any management review of Wallan would award an F. District 6 deserves better.

Louise D Shawkat


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