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Letters, July 12

New look

Tabloid: A newspaper ... typically popular in style and dominated by headlines, photographs and sensational stories.

The MT has gone all over the place in the six years I have been reading it. It used to be a showcase for my neighbors’ children of what not to do in grammar, syntax and just bad editing. Over the years MT has gotten so much more readable but now it has stooped to a new low on its front page: Ugly (in my opinion).

Jolayne Copper


We need to know

How is it that your papers have not reported on the county’s COVID-19 virus spike with the detail of the Grants Pass Daily Courier on June 29 or 30? This is important information for everyone in the county — people from other states who were not symptomatic but carried COVID-19 to parties that included as many as 30 Jackson-Josephine County residents who then took it into their respective communities. These partiers were not masked and in close contact. By my calculation, 25 cases were reported a week after these parties in Jackson County.

Was there a joint press conference? How many partiers have been contacted? Are they in quarantine? Has contact tracing been effective in stemming the tide? What became of the out-of-towners?

We, in this county, have a false sense of security with our low infection numbers leading many to not wear masks, to gather in bars and to party in our parks. We need to hear about these incidents. Why has your paper ignored this very important information?

This isn’t a privacy issue. It is the public who needs to know about this behavior and its resultant spread of disease in our county. We need to know that masks and distancing are critical to our safety.

Linda Anderson


Senior advocacy

What happened to advocating for seniors in retirement and assisted living homes? And hospital patients as well?

I believe in the PPE process, but it seems that others in control of institutions don’t accept their effectiveness. Seniors have been deprived of companionship and care from loved ones. When hospitalized, they’re missing the healing powers of personal contact. Primary reasons for those retirement homes is camaraderie, activities, and meals with other residents. They’re even restricted when on hospice unless they are “actively dying.” Who determines the meaning of that?

As long as masks are worn, temps taken, tracing forms completed, and they sanitize, why isn’t that protection enough to allow family/friends to visit at least in the large group rooms or their apartments w/open doors? Weather isn’t always going to cooperate for courtyards. Why do they have to be quarantined in their rooms for 14 days after leaving for a medical appointment? Aren’t those facilities using PPE procedures?

Some residents pay big bucks yet feel like they’re in solitary confinement.

Dee Wittenberg


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