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Letters, July 13

What’s the problem?

Shopping in a Phoenix home improvement store recently, my wife noticed a couple who weren’t wearing masks even though the store posted requests and even offered free masks to everyone entering.

Since everyone else she saw had a mask on, she pointed out that they should get masks to wear, also. The man then rudely dismissed her suggestion and said no one could make him wear a mask against his wishes.

His dismissive attitude toward her and lack of concern for the health of others caused her to leave the store early. On the way out she talked to an employee who said the store stopped asking customers to comply due to some angry reactions from customers.

What is the problem? Do these people not know that hundreds of thousands of human beings have died? That we are all in danger of getting very sick? Be responsible, people. We must comply with safety precautions in a civil society to save our lives. It’s simple.

D. Barnes


Disgusted with rioters

Enduring the constant news of rioters, not protesters, destroying property, lives and now our monuments to people that may be imperfect but are part our history, good and bad, I have come to this one conclusion. These rioters are doing this because they themselves have contributed nothing to the world, so to make themselves feel like they are relevant they destroy what others have worked so hard to build.

I am sure this group resides in someone’s basement lounging in pajamas watching whatever, waiting for their welfare check. The really scary part is these rioters are the ones that should be stepping up to take care of our country, not destroy it for the future, good luck with that. I feel strongly that these rioters, put in a position of having to do something positive, could not find their backside with both hands.

C. Geddis


1984 harbinger of 2020

The philosophical Orwellian approach by Medford’s leadership as evidenced by the removal from history of Bluebird Park, Hawthorne Pool, Fagone Field and sooner as opposed to later Jackson Pool. should be of great concern for Medford citizens.

The absence of appropriate and affordable replacements should not be blamed upon the voters; rather it should be directed to the lack of provision for public involvement and the fiscal responsibilities of the city. Supposedly the bronze dedication plaque for Bluebird Park is stored at the city’s facilities warehouses off Columbus Avenue, if it hasn’t been sold for scrap.

Bob Shand


Great hypocrisy

I see there is a new memorial in Ashland “Say Their Names” in support of Black Lives Matter. I can see the erectors of the memorial want to memorialize the 100 or so blacks who have lost their lives due to police actions.

What hypocrisy! Black Lives apparently don’t matter in Chicago and other cities where Black upon Black killings take place nearly every day and total a much greater number. I guess we aren’t suppose to be concerned about that.

I will leave the remainder of my thoughts to those who can deal with facts and truth.

Dale Casey


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