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Letters, July 15

No time for holidays

Nice! In the middle of a budget crisis in Oregon, and with not much of a letup in the pandemic on the horizon, our governor goes for some virtue signaling by announcing that she’ll push to create a new paid state holiday.

We the taxpayers, struggling to keep our businesses and families together and afloat, are going to pay our servants to take yet another day off while we keep working to stay in business? I don’t know about others, but where I work we get six paid holidays a year. If the governor gets her way, state employees will soon have 10 paid holidays a year — two-thirds more than we working stiffs get!

Don’t we get to vote on this new burden on us (and new drain on the already-strained state budget)?

Oscar Zuniga


Cartoon was ridiculous

Give me a break! The editorial cartoon on July 3 was the most ridiculous one yet.

The caption and jumbled, disjointed wording over President Trump with Biden in the background looking on was obviously over the wrong guy for sure. It has been obvious for some time Biden has issues, we all know at this point where the confusion and gaffes come from and never end, heaven help us if people don’t realize who should be leading us through these troubled times.

L. Borum

Central Point

Face covering

Jackson County is split by Interstate 5, the vital West Coast corridor. The willful ignorance and stupidity of the unmasked insures that our valley will participate in the pandemic sweeping our country.

If local business leaders truly desire a return of consumer traffic, they must enforce the state’s mandate. They must require customers to social distance and wear masks.

Health care workers need N95 masks to protect themselves and their patients. The rest of us wear masks to protect others. According to experts, personal face coverings protect the wearer less efficiently than others.

I wear a mask to protect you. You wear a mask to protect me. I support every citizen’s right to suicide regardless of whatever personal reason devised in their tortured or demented mind. Suicides, however, have no fundamental right as a citizen to impale me or mine in their pathological dispute with science.

Lester Melton


Troopers refuse to wear masks

How dare the people, that we the taxpayers pay, put their personal politics ahead of the public safety. I am, of course, referring to the troopers in Corvallis who put their political beliefs on display by refusing to wear a mask!

Come on people, this is not and never should be a political decision. It is a health issue plain and simple. All over the world, the best advice to prevent the spread of this virus is a mask. And social distancing.

Sure it isn’t comfortable, but it is a heck of a lot better than going without and endangering others. And going without a mask is endangering others. The mask is not about protecting one’s self, it is about every man, woman, child. It is about your wife/husband, your children, your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. It is not about politics, it is about your fellow human being.

How many more trained medical experts have to say the same thing?

V. Miller


Dead ends

I have known adults who tend to blame others for their mistakes and often sarcastically shame those they blame. Some people tend to label anyone who is an expert as a fraud. Often these persons make statements that suggest they alone understand how to solve problems.

As a professor, I have learned with college students and listened to excuses like “I don’t read assignments, I just listen in class.” As an elementary school principal, I have observed bullying, harassing, name-calling and threatening behaviors.

Some of my acquaintances have declared that “all education is a waste of time, only experience counts.”

I have heard people who have broken a law or failed to fulfill a responsibility excuse themselves by declaring they did not know the law or were not told about the issue. In a nation of laws, ignorance of the law is no defense. And when a leader takes an oath of office, that person’s job is to know what is going on during their “watch.”

These opinions, pronouncements and actions all make up possible human reactions to reality. I think we may be seeing that they are poor qualifications for our nation’s leaders.

Sam Alvord


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