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Letters, July 16

All lives matter?

In response to “All lives matter” July 3: Tell that to the families of Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, shall I go on?

Tell the survivors of 120,000-plus souls who lost their lives to the pandemic, under the guidance of the guy in our White House. Cases rising but “we’re doing a great job.”

Unemployment at 11 percent, businesses that may never recover. But the market is climbing and the guy in the White House is crowing about that.

Regarding the BLM movement, I do not doubt there are thousands of decent law enforcement officers in this country. And while I prefer reallocate to defund I understand what the issues are. I wonder if this writer does. Does she ever fear her child may become a target based on the color of their skin? When her guy in the White House considers the BLM logo a symbol of hate, as the grandmother and aunt of biracial children, I can tell you what my prayer is every night, for the fear is real.

So tell me again all lives matter and the guy in the White House is a great president.

Mary Lewis


New look? Bah, humbug!

Since arriving in the Medford area in 1991 I have thoroughly appreciated having a newspaper that exhibits objectivity in its news reporting and a modicum of intelligence on the opinion page. (I say this forgivingly as you did have the chutzpah to endorse Greg Walden in his last, thankfully, campaign.) However, I fear the ax is about to fall and the vaunted “new look” recently given to the MT presages Rosebud’s aim of turning the MT into just another Republican rubber stamp.

Please say it isn’t so, I will be ecstatic to read that my fears are absolutely groundless. A devoted reader, who hearkens to the pre-new look.

Bob Warren

Central Point

Lawyers and the state bar

I read with interest the Oregon Bar Association decision to waive the testing of students completing their final year of their studies to become lawyers. Instead they would be given a pass and be allowed to practice without passing a competency exam which ensures the public is meeting with a lawyer who has met the minimum standards to practice law in Oregon.

This is due to concerns over the COVID-19 transmission. I believe this is extremely unwise and shows lack of foresight. If this is allowed, how could we deny the Medical Association, nursing boards, pharmacy boards, etc., doing the same? After all, we do have capability to test online and address the concerns of the Bar Association.

The public should have confidence in knowing they have protection when dealing with those who may make a tremendous difference in our lives as consumers. If this is allowed to happen, I hope the public is aware enough to ask or research if the provider they are going to took and passed their competency exam.

Cori Frank, retired registered nurse


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