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Letters, July 20

Thanks to Medford police

Over the recent holiday weekend someone chose to damage Veteran’s Memorial Park at the corner of Stewart Avenue and Highway 99.

This park took almost 12 years to complete because it was done by veterans with specialized assistance from contractors who donated material, expertise and labor. Whoever performed this malicious act should be ashamed of themselves.

On behalf of the remaining members of the Veteran’s Memorial Committee, we want to express our gratitude to the officers of the Medford Police Department who went to the Circle of Honor and removed the malicious paint that marred the names of fallen veterans. This memorial is sacred to many in the veteran community as this park celebrates service and sacrifice going back to the Revolutionary War when the United States came into existence.

Thanks once again to the city of Medford and the Medford Police Department!

Terry M. Haines, secretary, Veterans Memorial Committee

Central Point

Chicago homicides

Your columnist Larry Mendte (“Mayors’ response to riots is a national embarrassment,” July 8) claims recent weekend violence can be blamed on “feckless mayors” and “police inaction,” and cites 17 people shot dead in Chicago as his first example.

I don’t argue with the embarrassment part, but Mendte’s cause-and-effect claim is misleading. The reality is much darker. Chicago’s 368 homicides to date — over 90% from gunshots — are about average for the past several years (see heyjackass.com, and “Chicago homicides” statistics in the Sun-Times website). Most homicides occur in the same few neighborhoods, and just a few adjectives — young/black/male — cover most of the ground.

I expect many homicides involve payback and settling of grudges with plentiful guns and ammo, and police involvement amounts mostly to putting up the yellow crime scene tape and preparing a report. Not much to report, with witnesses afraid to come forward. Voting in law-and-order mayors is unlikely to change this. I don’t know what will.

Ron Iverson


How is Trump’s behavior OK?

Perhaps supporters of President Trump could help me understand how it is OK for him to never wear a mask on camera, to invite thousands of supporters to his rallies (where he models not wearing a face cover). How is it OK for him to keep urging America to reopen when the pandemic in many places is still getting much worse?

How is it OK for him to insist that schools reopen everywhere, potentially putting millions of students, their families and teachers and other staff at risk? Shouldn’t that decision be left to local officials?

A couple of weeks after he held rallies in Tulsa and Phoenix, both of those cities are in dire trouble with their hospital ICU facilities full to overflowing with COVID-19 cases and deaths from the virus on the rise.

How do you make this kind of behavior seem OK? There is no way.

Vote Biden!

Allen Hallmark



To all of you Trump-haters out there, who seem to dominate the opinion pages, I have a message for you: President Trump will win a second term, and win big.

You do not represent the readers of this newspaper, nor do you represent the voters of Jackson County. The people who elected him did so because of his policies to restore the economy and to undo the damage done to our country by the corrupt Obama administration.

He has fulfilled most of his promises. He won! Get over it!

Chad Robinson


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