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Letters, July 22

Are Blacks ‘being hunted’?

The nation has gone through a month of wrenching sadness and turmoil. The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25 was the igniting incident. However, how much do we actually know about the facts of policing and shootings in the Black community?

Are Blacks, as one cable news reporter asserted, “being hunted” by the police? The Washington Post is a respected publication and it has compiled statistics on this issue since 2015.

In 2019, 10 “unarmed” black persons were killed in police actions. Some were labeled accidental and some resulted in firings and/or charges being brought against the officer(s). That in a nation of 325 million. Parenthetically, the trend seems positive. In the last year of Obama’s presidency, 38 unarmed black persons were killed in police actions.

The Post’s data can be accessed here.

Hubert Smith


Sad paper

I think you hit the nail on the head in your first edition of your new format: “It just didn’t feel right.” A week later it still doesn’t!

In the first place you have no banner saying the name of the newspaper. That blue MT box in the corner with the name in small print under it shows no pride. The front page looks like it belongs either to a different section or inside someplace. A sizable strip of advertising at the bottom does not counteract that feel.

After being gifted with a subscription of the Grants Pass paper, we were brought back to what newspapers should be. Its minimum of 16 pages (more on weekends) are full of local and national stories. Advertising, both commercial and consumer, occupies a large share of space. Why is the “big city” paper trying so hard to look so sad? Where is the local participation? Are your fees and charges too high? Management? Somethings amiss!

Tricia Peck


False equivalency

A letter to the editor July 13 and Larry Mendte’s column on Saturday both made reference to the fact that Black Lives Matter ignores the propensity and volume of Black on Black homicide while focusing only on white police officers who kill Black men and women. It’s a fair point, and one that BLM needs to answer.

However, both the letter writer and Mendte are guilty of employing the worst type of “whataboutism,” and of setting up an unconscionable and heinous false equivalency. Black on Black homicide is criminal behavior perpetrated by private citizens, almost always because of money, power, love or revenge, and is usually treated as such to the extent that the perpetrator most often is pursued and called to account by the state. We call that first-degree murder by an individual.

When a white policeman kills a Black person, however, this is the murder of a private citizen by a government agent for purely racist reasons and is done with impunity and little or no consequences or repercussions. We call that lynching by the state, and to fail to see the difference betrays a lack of moral compass and a lack of humanity.

John Rose


Never-ending spiral

We should all be shocked at the total dysfunction of our country right now. The radical far left is trying to take over, and the rest of us are left to ponder our fate. We don’t seem to have a voice anymore in the direction of our country.

The real problem we have are our politicians who won’t do what’s best for the country as a whole, but they do what’s best for their few constituents who scream the loudest on Twitter or Facebook. Our politicians listen to these radicals who complain, and they think these are the people they must pander to and satisfy to be woke and get their vote.

Ignoring the majority is a never-ending bias spiral, and surely the demise of our country. It’s a very small minority of people controlling social media and driving the total insanity we see today.

Our weak politicians must stop reacting to social media and start listening to all people, start being true leaders of this country, and make decisions that are in the best interest of all people — not just the radical few. Wake up, folks, or we’re going down!

Ron Lewis

Eagle Point

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