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Letters, July 26

COVID test

Here’s a glimmer of hope in a gray world.

Wednesday, July 15, I decided I’d like to get a COVID test. I decided to drive to Valley Intermediate Care North Valley (eight minutes by car) with no appointment. Got there about 11 a.m. I was first in line. In fact, there was no line.

They told me to go to my car and they’d send someone out. Almost immediately a worker appeared at my car door. She gave me some papers to fill out, stuck a skinny swab up my nose (a painless routine) and then told me she’d be back with results in a half hour.

I grabbed a slider at the Subway next to the clinic, which I ate while waiting. Just as I finished eating the results came to me — negative, I’m glad to report. I was home with the good news for my wife by 11:45 a.m.

Will wonders never cease!

Jerry Murphy


Thanks for quick fire action

A heartfelt thank you to ODF and Jacksonville Fire Department for their quick and efficient response to a grass fire in our neighborhood on Friday afternoon July 17.

We are very grateful for the thorough handling of our situation. With knowledge and coordinate efforts, the fire was contained quickly, stopping it from traveling up a hill to vulnerable homes. The procedures conducted after the fire was out gave us confidence that it would not flare up overnight.

We cannot thank you enough.

Jon and Ginnie Deason, Doug and Peggy Holloway and the neighbors of the Hawk Road community


Medford needs a representative

Kim Wallan is pressuring Medford schools for contact sports. How is that her priority?

Schools have plenty on their plates! Officials must somehow: arrange space and staff to distance kindergarteners; coordinate online and on-site instruction; provide continual disinfection for hundreds of classrooms.

Echoing an extremist agenda, Wallan broadcast an email casting doubt on masks.

Meanwhile, school staff have for weeks been distributing food to students’ families. Ten percent of Medford students suffer homelessness. Yet Wallan voted against extending the evictions moratorium, fearing it would “distort the market”?

Did Wallan imagine evicting tens of thousands and turning Oregon into a 10,000-cases-per-day pesthole like Florida or Texas would raise values?

Now she asks for contact sport “safety.” That’s eluded multi-billion-dollar pro teams! Perhaps schools would be better prepared if they had health clinics? Wallan blocked high school clinics while on the School Board.

Medford needs a representative. I’d like your vote.

Alberto Enriquez



Remember when we said, “America will never legalize abortion?” Remember when we said, “America will never allow same-sex marriage?” Remember when we said, “America will never elect a Black president?”

Remember when we said, “What this country needs is a president who will run this country like a great business, who will fire anyone who can’t or won’t do their job and will do nothing but what is good for his company (nation)?

Fast forward to 2025.

Remember when we said “America will never become a socialist country?”

I’m an independent voter and I know if we vote Democrat in November, this country will become a socialist nation.

Marilyn Hermant


Resource manufacturing from China

A 2018 government study noted that since 2000, 20,000 “defense based” manufacturing companies have shifted out of the country, mostly to China. Not only have we become dependent on China for critical medicines and health care supplies, but our companies have shifted their R&D to China to be closer to manufacturing.

Over 40% of STEM students at our finest universities are from China. They will return to China to lead its opposition to America.

According to the D.C. based Hudson Institute, If the U.S. remains dependent on Chinese imports, the next pandemic could end up far worse than COVID-19, if its vital sources are controlled by a hostile power.

Resourcing critical manufacturing to America is a most important issue in the upcoming presidential and congressional elections.

John M. Moore

Eagle Point

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