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Letters, July 28

The right choice

Looks like the right choice is clear on who will protect the rest of us this November.

The crazy left has lost support of the National Association of Police Organizations, and they have endorsed President Trump. They are the largest law enforcement support group in America.

The way Democrats have lost control of the major cities under their control is proof that putting them in control of the country is a non-starter. Just look at who is steering Biden, Bernie and company. It’s scary thinking who would be his handlers.

Please hold your nose if you have to and vote for law and order, common sense, and weed out the nuts. Vote Republican, local, state and national.

E.C. Hunt


Joe Biden

Wow! Joe has just about the worst case of politicianitis I have ever seen. He is just a mess.

And we all know the definition of a mess, right? That would be ten pounds of BS in a five-pound bag. Joe to a T. And he also needs to get a fix-it ticket for his campaign vehicle. Only the left turn signal seems to be working and that could cause you to run right off the campaign trail.

Mel Beaty


Talent Food Project says thanks

A great big thank you goes out to our Talent Food Project donors for their generous monetary and food sharing support.

Our June food pickup was a much needed boost for the food pantry, and all aspects of the process were safely carried out. Encouraged by that success, the Talent Food Project will proceed with a green bag pickup in August.

Again, thank you, donors for your continued support in this fight against food insecurity. If you’re not already a donor, and would like to be, visit us at: www.TalentFoodProject.org. Food pickups are on the second Saturday of even-numbered months.

The Talent Food Project Steering Committee is Glenn Berk, Judy Wismann, Chris McNamara, Judy Richards, Jordan Pease and Judy Pierce.

Judy Pierce



Maya Angelou once said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” Truer words, etc.

The division between the Supreme Leader’s forever-supporters and his never-supporters was predictable from the beginning. His party loyalists stated that they felt confident they would be able to hold his temperament in check and mentor him in the appropriate ways of governing the country.

His blind public following will always believe, while ignoring the foul discrepancies in his character, that he accomplished their goals and did some good things. And of course his control of media and huge fervent rallies certainly wouldn’t indicate that some day things might go too far.

The “forever” crowd proved typically hypocritical but the appropriately vocal “never” faction proved annoyingly naive. Why so surprised by his personality? Why so shocked by his behavior?

The man openly and clearly showed who he was and what his views were from the very start. He even revealed his bizarre concept of humanity in his book, “Mein Kampf.”

Steve Sutfin


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