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Letters, July 29


Looking back, I think it is shameful that the world community didn’t rise up more strongly to support us against the invasion of a sovereign entity by unidentified uniformed militias in unmarked vehicles.

It is common knowledge that Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden had no connection with that governing body and the excuse that the “people” wanted the invasion is laughable. The local government complained that the militias had not been asked for nor were they wanted, but to no avail. And Trump just stood there and smiled.

No, I’m not talking about the Ukraine, I’m talking about Portland.

Bob Shepard


Defunding police

It appears that liberal Democrats leading major cities, including our very own Portland, want to defund the police, want the federal government out of their cities and not be allowed to defend their own buildings and employees.

I think we should allow that to happen. But let it be known that when you refuse the federal government any actions in the city to protect “their own,” you give up any right to request monetary or other help from them. That means no money from the feds to remove the homeless that have been allowed to ruin the streets and cities. No medical help (i.e. ships, buildings to house the quarantined). No money to rebuild the burnt-out buildings, economy.

Then they should remove all police assistance with domestic violence calls and any other 911 call other than, maybe, murder. When the social worker gets maimed, attacked or killed by the domestic abuser don’t call on the police for help — not their job. Also don’t call the police when the homeless light fires, harass visitors or the general public on the streets. Take care of all these “non-police” matters on your own.

I’m looking forward to watching this new order.

P. Moran


The president’s behavior

I am all in favor of the right of the federal government to protect federal monuments and other types of federal property.

However, it’s a bad look for the United States when you have federal agents in unmarked cars, with no visible identification on their uniforms, taking people off of the streets. This is something done in countries with authoritarian or totalitarian forms of government.

This type of behavior from President Trump should come as no surprise to anyone. You only need to look at three of the people who are at or near the top of his “most admired” list; Vladimir Putin, Rodrigo Duterte, and Kim Jong-un.

John M. Montgomery


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