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Letters, Aug. 2


This is written to thank you for printing Jeff Golden’s guest opinion asking Oregonians to stand together.

Who pays for this unidentifiable militia to come into Portland and start clobbering folks? Shouldn’t we know who they are and who hired them and if we taxpayers are paying for these thugs who are out of bounds hurting innocent citizens exercising their constitutional rights?

Our Senators should continue to challenge this. We need to stand by our governor, the mayor of Portland and the Portland police. But most of all our fellow Oregon citizens and their right to protest peacefully.

Annie Drager


First Amendment

The First Amendment allows people to gather for peaceful and lawful purposes. This right to assemble is not intended to allow people to block public streets without permission, vandalize and loot public or private properties, or attack law enforcement personnel, whether they are local, state or federal.

Some of our politicians opine that most of the protests in Portland have been largely peaceful. However, any scan of local and national media coverage indicates otherwise. Articles in this newspaper beginning on May 31 describe numerous arrests for vandalism to public and private properties, injuries to several Portland police officers and was declared a riot by AP. Protests were ongoing through July Fourth, with vandalism and attacks on police.

Then on July 6, this paper reported Portland Police declared a riot again during attempts to burn down buildings. Dozens of police were injured while trying to control this mayhem, and many were arrested. It has also been reported that rioting to date has caused over $20 million in damages.

These facts are not debatable and none of these protests are protected by the First Amendment, so let’s get out of this pan together with whatever may be necessary.

Mike Anhorn


Sports bars

I was surprised and angered by your lead piece in the July 25 MT.

Although you’ve moved the COVID statistics off the front page, Jackson County infections continue to soar. Your article was essentially an ad for a local sports bar.

Drinking and eating in a sports bar is not an essential activity. Watching baseball in a bar is not an essential activity. Patrons will be unmasked and cheering or booing their teams. Expect these gatherings to initiate more infections. I really don’t know what you were thinking.

Terry Stone


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