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Letters, Aug. 5

Treat climate change like COVID

The Mail Tribune had several articles recently relating to both the COVID crisis and climate change. Mentioned twice was an adage stating that a frog in a pot of water heating on the stove will tend to stay until it dies, while if you put a frog in hot water, it will jump out immediately.

So, how does that apply to COVID and climate change? COVID-19 is here now and people are dying. Experts are actively trying find treatments and vaccines that work. We recognize the crisis.

Climate change is a longer-term crisis growing over decades. Recent data show that the 9 out of 10 of the warmest years on the record have occurred since 2005. Effects such as more frequent hurricanes, floods and droughts generally do not affect us directly.

Oh wait, here we are in southwest Oregon facing yet another drought! The soil and vegetation are unusually dry, and we are in fire season with possible devastation and unhealthy air quality from smoke.

We survived yesterday thinking maybe tomorrow will be OK. No. We absolutely need to treat the climate change crisis with the same focused energy and resolve as we are addressing COVID-19.

Eric Dittmer


No Planet B

In 2017, Congress passed and President Trump signed a massive overhaul of our nation’s tax code. Tucked in the bill was a provision that requires at least two lease sales for oil and gas development in the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, reversing decades of protection with one stroke of a pen.

I was in elementary school when the Deepwater Horizon oil spill happened in the Gulf of Mexico. I remember being horrified seeing the endless pictures and videos of birds and fish drowning in oil, and as a biology student today I continue to be horrified by the complete lack of care our Congress has for our planet.

This isn’t a partisan issue anymore. According to Pew Research, most Republicans support development into alternative energy technologies, and most Americans (and certainly most locals) are noticing how climate change is affecting their communities.

We can’t allow the federal government to decide that our land isn’t worth protecting. We have the choice to unstick ourselves from oil, unlike our wildlife. We need to pass effective environmental legislation before we doom our children to a dying planet.

There is no Planet B.

David Teague


Postal clerks without masks

I have been to the lobby of the Eagle Point post office three times in the month of July.

Each time, I have been greeted by a clerk without a mask.

On Tuesday, I told the clerk I would wait for a masked colleague. He reappeared moments later wearing an unprofessional ball cap with a dangling sheet of plastic stapled to its brim.

This nonsense is over the line, and it’s dangerous.

I have written the Eagle Point postmaster twice about this, and have not heard.

Now, I’m writing you.

Chuck Dibb, M.D.

Eagle Point

Agents provocateurs

Coming soon to your city:

“Hey, we’re the Trump Cult Gestapo. Chaos is what we do. We don’t got to show you no stinkin’ badges.”

Sieg heil, suckers!

Herbert Childs


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