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Letters, Aug. 10

The Golden Rule

A while back, I saw an individual wearing a face mask that pictured an upraised middle finger followed by “Kate Brown.” I believe I have discovered just what it was about him that made me so uncomfortable. He was just downright rude.

For me, what has always made Oregon so very special is our commitment to being good neighbors, no matter our political persuasion, with whom we sleep, or the color of our skin. But for whatever reason, it has become fashionable to be mean and nasty. We are all in this together, folks, and together is how we will move forward.

My good friend, Dan, and I were talking it over the other day, and I asked Dan what he thought was the reason that, in spite of our many different opinions about almost everything, we get along so well. His answer: we are not that important.

So, let’s lighten up a little. Really, let’s get along and have some fun and work at letting go of our hostility and anger. Catching flies with sugar, ya know. Meanwhile, don’t take medical advice from the president and be careful what you pray for.

Michael Shanafelt


Change the logo

I like to ease into my morning coffee and the front page of my morning newspaper. The glaring front page of the Mail Tribune makes that difficult. Have you done a reader survey on this?

Also, the Tribune’s logo is very similar to Mount Ashland’s logo. This is a threat to my mental health because as a friend of the mountain I was disappointed when the season ended early and I’m concerned that it might not be able to open this December — depressing thoughts to start the day! Please consider changing your logo.

W. Carlson


Derangement syndrome exists

Many of us who are critical of our president are diagnosed with Trump Derangement Syndrome by his supporters, even though there is no such diagnosis in the mental health literature.

After reading “Too Much and Never Enough,” by Mary L. Trump, Ph.D., the president’s niece, however, it appears that there is such a condition, documented and described by her, but not labeled by her. It goes back many years, and the original source of this hideous malady was the president’s father, Fred Trump, a very rigid, authoritarian and cruel patriarch. It was transmitted to and/or severely harmed our president, his siblings, their spouses, and some of their children. What resulted was a horribly dysfunctional extended family whose values include lying, cruelty, sadism, selfishness, greed, misogyny, racism and other bigotry, while excluding kindness, empathy, compassion and generosity.

I have great respect and admiration for Dr. Trump, who survived her toxic, dysfunctional extended family and emerged with a moral compass, so absent in our president. I am also grateful to her for the tremendous effort expended in writing such an important book, while invertebrate congressional Republicans continue to pretend that we have a normal, fully functional and competent president.

Victor Mlotok, M.D.


COVID testing

My daughter and her two teenage kids showed up from the Bay Area on Sunday night and I suggested they get some COVID testing, just to be safe.

The next morning I took them to North Valley Immediate Care where they were quickly swabbed for the COVID test (Sofia SARS antigen FIA) in my car. Within 20 minutes the test results came back — Negative. I’m so impressed by the speedy results at this local immediate care facility, especially since other areas aren’t so lucky.

Jerry Murphy


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