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Letters, Aug. 13

Wearing a face mask

I know that I am currently not infected, but those I come across do not know that. Just as I do not know whether others, with or without masks, are infected.

Wearing a mask is a life-safety issue. Those who would refuse to wear a mask because of a belief that their rights are being infringed upon are being overly self-centered. They display no compassion for the welfare of others.

Not to wear a mouth cover while among a group of strangers, and not providing safe separation is an act of selfishness and disregard. Being unprotected in crowded events has proven to be deadly for many. Sadly, they will not have the opportunity to learn from their immature error of judgment.

If the “incubation” time for the disease to display itself is two weeks, or less, then think of what the world would be like if everyone wore a mask for at least 14 days. Perhaps the disease would then be off the streets and only present in the hospitals.

Wearing a mask would have made you part of the solution. Not to do so will make you an extension of the problem. Get over it and get it done.

Rob Duncan


Terrie Martin for commissioner

Over the last several years I have educated myself about local issues by watching Jackson County Board of Commissioners Tuesday work session meetings. That and Thursday staff meetings are where commissioners let their hair down and discuss issues.

I have come to value the work of staff and the commissioners. But one thing has bothered me. Since I started watching back in the days of Breidenthal, all of the commissioners are from one political party. In recent months, as this country is more divided than ever, I think it is time that our county government have input from a different viewpoint.

Terrie Martin is my choice for the Jackson County Board of Commissioners. She is a journalist, educator, businesswoman, is sensible, listens and is able to carefully analyze facts and act accordingly.

Join me in voting for Terrie Martin. All perspectives need to be heard.

Joyce Puccini Chapman

Shady Cove

Trump’s economy

Using your search engine — e.g., Google — to find “us civilian unemployment rate,” you will see the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics’ graph of civilian unemployment rates for the past 20 years.

When Obama/Biden took office in January 2009, the total unemployment rate was 7.8%, peaking to 10% that October — all because of the 2008 Great Recession. Their focused leadership resulted in a steady decline to 4.7% when Trump took office in January, 2017. That drop of 5.3% averages at 0.73% per year.

In Trump’s first three years, it dropped from 4.7% to 3.5%, an average drop of only around 0.4% per year. (This June it was 11.1%)

As far as the unemployment rate is concerned, Trump’s economic accomplishments — widely bragged about by him — were much less successful than Obama/Biden’s.

If the economy’s unemployment rate concerns you, then vote for Biden the doer, not Trump the braggart!

Roy Sutton


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