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Letters, Aug. 14

Eviction rules hurt sellers

My wife and I own i5 Real Estate. I am writing to raise awareness of consequences associated from the eviction legislation in place; specifically the COVID-19 eviction moratorium.

The law as currently written is negatively affecting property owners who want to sell properties they own with resident tenants.

It is in the best interest of a seller to remove the tenant and clean up the property before putting it on the market and then market the property to both owner-occupied and investor buyers. Current law allows giving 90 days notice to tenants after property is sold, but only to buyers who intend to occupy the property. Buyers do not want to wait 90 days after they purchase and close a deal and then be responsible to remove a tenant who may or not be paying rent. Limiting the sale to owner-occupied only reduces the supply of buyers, which in turn reduces property’s value.

Adjustments need to be made so sellers can remove tenants prior to marketing their property. It is neither just nor fair for property owners to be hamstrung by this legislation as written.

Allen Broderick

Central Point

Can’t we do better?

Some recent events highlight the Orwellian characteristics of Oregon’s leadership and the destructive insurrection they support and abet in Portland.

Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler, having neutralized the Portland police yet anxious to show his leftist “street cred,” joined the modern march of Sauron’s hordes from Mordor to destroy the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse.

Locally, Sen. Jeff Golden and Rep. Pam Marsh, joining other neo-Marxist, half-witted officials craving national attention, wrote to Attorney General Barr begging him to let the weaponized insurgents destroy the federal courthouse in Portland, rather than have the insurrectionists suffer the indignities of arrest by federal law enforcement officers actually enforcing the law.

In another instance of loony leftism, the Oregon attorney general petitioned a federal judge to prevent federal agents from arresting the urban terrorists determined to destroy the federal courthouse in Portland. Citing “lack of standing,” the federal judge correctly rejected the petition. Imagine our state actively supporting the cause of marauders hell-bent on injuring federal police officers and determined to destroy the federal buildings in Portland!

Not one elected Democrat condemned the violence and destruction! Not one!

How much longer must we tolerate these tragically incompetent betrayers of Oregonians and our civil society?

Dennis V. Sinclair


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