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Letters, Aug. 16

Refusal to start school

We have been bombarded with “wearing masks and social distancing stops the spread of COVID.” Why are we being told now those aren’t effective enough to allow school to start?

Either they work, or they don’t — can’t have it both ways. If teachers don’t want to teach, fine, don’t but don’t penalize the children because of your fear.

Child care programs have been operating since March. They have observed social distancing and masks are worn. I can’t find any issue with COVID that has happened.

Equality is a huge topic right now. How will our kids with limited access to technology, or who have special needs, get equal educational opportunities?

The mental and social health of our tender-age kids needs addressed. I have seen children with masks on — their eyes reflect fear, sadness and uncertainty. I have talked with tender-age children who talk about dying.

We expect essential workers to do their jobs. Shouldn’t we demand teachers do theirs? What happens when both parents are essential workers — who has to give up their job to stay home with their children?

I don’t understand the acquiescence of parents. Speak up, demand our children become a priority.

Isabel Hormel


Green Bag article disappointing

My husband and I are volunteers with the Medford Food Project and we were displeased with your reporter Damian Mann’s use of the words “poor people” to describe those in need of food during this time of uncertainty.

Sharon Funk


Headline misleading

The headline in the Aug. 8 business section proclaims: “U.S. adds 1.8 million jobs”. That report by the press generated the second headline on the page: “S&P 500 ekes out a sixth-straight gain following U.S. jobs report.”

If the headline correctly reported “U.S. restores 1.8 million jobs,”it is less likely the second headline would have been generated by those hasty folks who make “business” decisions based only on reading the headlines.

There are still over 4 million people, who lost their jobs in March, currently unemployed. There would be more if it were not for the stipulations of the stimulus package passed earlier. As those stipulations expire there will be more — particularly in the airline industry, where thousands are scheduled to be laid off on Oct. 1.

Stretching the truth about the economy will not make it so. It is more likely that the employment numbers in the leisure and travel industry are not going to rebound any more with summer almost over and the rate of COVID spread increasing in many places and showing little change in others.

David Argetsinger


Socialism versus capitalism

I direct my comments to voters leaning towards voting right down the Democratic Party line. Don’t do it.

This is not the same party your parents knew. If the Democrats win the House, the Senate and the White House, socialism will creep into the Democratic Party and change our way of life forever.

This election is not about Biden versus Trump. This is about socialism versus capitalism. For me it’s a no-brainer. I choose life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It’s the only system that allows us all to reach our full potential.

I cannot cast my vote for a party that allows people to burn buildings, erase history, assault police, race-bait, take away our rights and silence our free speech to gain political power. Can you?

Today more people want to immigrate to the United States than all other countries combined. That’s the popular vote worldwide. We are the Super Bowl winners of all competing countries. There is more opportunity here than anyplace on earth. We’re No. 1. So, why fire the coach and throw out the playbook? Sure we have our problems, but our cups are half full, not empty. Let’s count our blessings.

Larry Nathan


Farmworkers are not disposable

Kathy Keesee was so right when she pointed out that “Farmworkers are not disposable human beings. They have certain levels of skill that the growers are looking for ... If we want to reduce or limit these restrictions to benefit growers’ pocketbooks, we’ll have more people dying” (“Hazards of the harvest,” Sunday MT).

To put these families at risk the way Kim Wallan and our county commissioners suggest is not just stupid from a business perspective, it is deeply immoral.

Growing wine grapes here since the late 1970s, my family came to admire and rely on these highly skilled farmworkers. We could not have managed without them and their solid work ethic. Keeping them safe is especially critical now that so many will be arriving from California, where COVID is disproportionately impacting them.

By the way, if you care about keeping agriculture viable here, you might look into supporting UNETE at http://uneteoregon.org/. It’s a local, all-volunteer organization that does a fantastic job providing many crucial support services to farmworkers.

Gretchen Hunter

Eagle Point

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