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Letters, Aug. 11

The science is clear

Although recommendations to deal with COVID-19 have been tweaked as researchers learn more about this dangerous virus (that is how science works), respected public health scientists who have devoted decades to fighting disease have been very clear about what people need to do to bring the coronavirus under control: wear a mask, stay six feet from others and wash your hands. Simple.

It is baffling that anyone still buys into discredited and irrational theories that have no connection to facts and that, sadly, are often touted by our president and those who enable his promotion of harmful behavior and useless remedies.

This should not be a divisive political issue. It’s about saving lives. Please, follow the safety protocols that expert medical advisers say will help us get our lives back to normal.

If you are still convinced that science is some kind of conspiracy and Trump knows best, ask yourself this: If you had a brain tumor, would you want to be treated by a skilled neurosurgeon or by President Trump? If you would choose a capable doctor over the gut instincts of our president, why wouldn’t you do the same when deciding who to believe about a deadly pandemic?

Jan Lippen-Holtz


Democrats and the economy

When President Obama took office in 2008, our nation was facing the largest recession since the Great Depression. The economy was in free fall and unemployment was soaring. As the 2009 Recovery Act went into effect, the Dow Jones had fallen to under 7,000 and unemployment was approaching 10%.

During that Democratic administration, the Dow Jones increased to 17,000, a gain of over 140%. Starting in 2010, the unemployment fell by almost one full percentage point per year for the next six years, bringing unemployment from 10% to under 5%.

The measures taken to turn the economy around caused the national debt to almost double, from $10.6 trillion to $19 trillion. President Trump decried the debt and claimed that he was going to eliminate it. Instead, due to tax cuts and erratic economic policies, the debt has steadily increased to $26 trillion and is climbing.

The Dow Jones has gained almost 55% under the Trump administration, which pales in comparison to the over 140% growth under the last administration. President Trump brags about the great economy he has created but, in reality, he has merely reaped the benefits of the good economic programs handed to him by his predecessor.

Bruce Kelling


A final straw

The Aug. 4 issue was a final straw. Your front page, above the fold, headline story about Bigfoot sightings in Oregon was as ridiculous as anything possibly could be in today’s world. It confirms in my mind the MT’s new chosen format is a giant step toward the journal becoming nothing more than a checkstand tabloid rag.

Really? Perhaps you’ve heard there is real news happening in the world? Certainly, there was at least one story you could have chosen that would actually be informative on a useful level.

Knowing that “Oregon has the highest rate of reported sasquatch sitings [sic] per capita for a state without a sales tax ” is your choice for a front-page headline will never make sense to me. It is irrelevant and can hardly be considered appropriately newsworthy in today’s environment.

I am quite saddened that the quality of work produced under the banner “Mail Tribune” has come to this. And, I won’t even mention the misspelled words and atrocious grammar! Shame.

Jan Martin


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