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Letters, Aug. 17

‘Can’t we all just get along?’

In 1992 Rodney King asked, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Such a profound statement 28 years ago. nger and hate is still a major problem in our political and social discourse. It solves nothing and creates more divisiveness.

Jim Phillips


Hiroshima questions

After reading Olivia Alperstein’s opinion in the Sunday Mail Tribune stating the United States should apologize for the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I wish to ask her:

Who should apologize for the over 6 million murdered by the Japanese?

Who should apologize for Japan declaring war on the United States when it attacked Pearl Harbor?

Who should apologize for the over 100,000 Americans killed and over 250,000 wounded?

Who should apologize to their families?

Who should apologize for the atrocities the POWs suffered at the hands of the Japanese?

Each one and their loved ones have names also.

She states she is two generations removed from the horrors of that war, so she cannot appreciate what the families back home and the returning veterans went through.

Finally, who should apologize to her for not teaching her the real history of what occurred, leading up to and including what really happened during World War II?

Dick Thomas

Eagle Point

Phoenix pantry thanks donors

1st Phoenix Community Center Pantry wishes to thank the Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation for their generous grant. We have been serving the greater Phoenix area for 20 years, and thanks to foundations like Cow Creek, we can “grow, provide food and protein, and carry out the important work our community needs to be healthy.”

1stPC wishes to share our good news with our Phoenix area community. Phoenix Pantry is open and operating — with a few necessary changes — and with generous support from foundations, companies, friends and neighbors, including the Phoenix Food Project donors.

Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation believes, as we do, that “nobody should be hungry. It is important to invest in basic needs, which allows families to focus on building their future, rather than worry about where their next meal will come from.” Phoenix will make it with a little help from our friends.

Karen Jones, Phoenix Food Project District Coordinator


Settling the budget shortfall

I have simple advice, though I doubt the governor would take it: Slash spending. That’s what everyone whose jobs were axed have had to do.

Open Oregon. Restore jobs. Until then, The governor should reduce her own salary to the equivalent of an “unemployment” percentage just to prove she cares about the ones she’s put out of work.

Until schools are truly open, furlough teachers and administrators. They should be on unemployment, just like everyone else who has lost a job.

And speaking of schools, why should I pay my full property taxes when we’re not getting what we’re paying for? Parents of school-age kids should get money for private schools, homeschooling, or whatever substitute they find. And the rest of us should get a tax reduction.

Don’t act like defunding police is a solution. It is not. The anarchy and destruction in Portland, Seattle, etc. is outrageous. And, it seems only to be tolerated (even encouraged) in Democrat-led cities and states. What’s up with that? Do you really want the USA destroyed?

Back to my main theme for today: slash the budget. No new taxes. Forgive some. No new agencies. Close some. No more commie-socialist coronavirus power-grabs. Open Oregon.

Robin Lee


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