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Letters, Aug. 18

Fascism and communism

Daily, we are witnessing violent criminal attacks on our democratic institutions by a well-organized communist political group called Antifa — short for anti-fascist. Some members of the media seem to condone Antifa’s criminal behavior by suggesting that because they’re “anti-fascist,” their goals justify their methods.

I am reminded of a metaphor Winston Churchill used in the 1930s to characterize communism and fascism. Churchill said the two are like the North Pole and the South Pole; they couldn’t be further apart. He then went on to say, “if you woke up at either pole tomorrow you could not tell which one it was.”

Churchill was one of the first to recognize that fascism and communism have much more in common than what divides them and that their totalitarianism are essentially sister-creeds. America is the land of the free precisely because we reject these extremist manifestos.

John Frank


A Trump analysis

This is what Trump’s presidency represents:

Racism and white nationalism, war on immigrants, condoning Russian bounties on the lives of troops, undermining free speech.

Trading freedom and democracy for authoritarian dictatorship; suppressing the vote; undermining democratic elections; subverting Constitution, institutions and democratic principles to reward friends and punish enemies; demanding opening the economy, which promotes American sickness and death to advance re-election.

Inducing a record economic drop (33%) in GDP, targeting low-income Americans more than wealthy friends; rejecting science, evidence and reality, especially medical and climate science, while basing policy on delusion and insane conspiracy hoaxes; tax policy that sacrifices workers but benefits wealthy Americans; destroying health care; consistent incompetence, insanit, and corruption.

Because the Trump family crime syndicate is not conservative, genuine conservatives abandoned and now campaign against him. Although Trump lacks empathy and humanity, amazingly some voters swallow the 20,000 lies since inauguration and support his divisive presidency.

Alan Journet


Editor’s note: because of an editing error, the fourth paragraph of the following letter may have been unclear.

I say again all lives matter

My face burned in embarrassment when I opened my Wall Street Journal to find our beautiful city of Portland depicted as a national disgrace for standing down as thugs and arsonists assaulted federal law officers and tried to burn down the Mark Hatfield U.S. Courthouse — all under the cover of the lofty cause of Black Lives Matter.

But wait — is racial justice really the prime cause for the BLM movement? A lot of young people, and many others old enough to know better, think so; people that Lenin called “useful idiots.”

A quick computer search turned up some interesting things. BLM was founded by some women who are self-avowed Marxists. High on their list is defunding the police. Also, near the top is war on the nuclear family; more fatherless children.

In 2015, two young Black women, BLM leaders, were being interviewed on television. One said, “We are trained organizers.” The other said, “We are trained Marxists.” My blood ran cold.

What are our schools teaching? They aren’t teaching our children to love and honor their country. We are Americans, not wannabe socialists. To us, all lives matter. That’s the American way. MAGA!

Ramona Templin


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