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Letters, Aug. 20

Kudos for good journalism

I appreciate that the MT ran a front-page story documenting “What it is like to be Black in Southern Oregon.” Good journalism documents the shortcomings of society for all to see.

It makes me very sad and angry that bigotry and hatred still exist in our valley. It is so easy to deny racism if you have never experienced it and to reinforce that opinion through confirmation bias.

Travis Toll documents actual experiences, and by asking people about their experiences he holds a mirror up for all to see. Is this the world we want? If not, what can we do to change it?

People who think the Black Lives Matter movement is a threat miss the point, or simply refuse to acknowledge it. It is not exclusive, it is inclusive. All lives cannot matter until Black lives matter.

It is the role of journalism to shine a light on injustice and I appreciate that the Mail Tribune shines that light locally.

Mary Krystine


They’re baack!

Just when you thought biker gangs, biker drug dealers, turf wars and the killings that went with them were in the rearview mirror, we get Sturgis.

I thought they had all grown up and become respectful citizens. Wrong! They got grayer, chubbier and older and decided to get together, a quarter million of them, and head for Dakota for 10 days. And at the height of a world wide pandemic, with few exceptions, no social distancing, very few masks and large public biker parties and gatherings.

The bikers call it freedom. I call it selfish, irresponsible and thoughtless.

The boys and girls on bikes are heading home with their special Sturgis homecoming gift of death and sickness to their families, friends and strangers alike. To be sure, they will be riding high and proud with their disgraceful gift to every corner of our great United States of America.

The only good thing is, you’ll be able to hear them coming.

K. Boutwell


Recall letter erred

Oops. Oregon’s three branches of government remain executive, legislative and judicial.

The letter from Anne Zauner (Aug. 12) might be more compelling if her knowledge of the state Constitution were reflected in her rage. She may be correct on many points but she lost me in her first paragraph.

Tom Eaton

Eagle Point

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