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Letters, Aug. 23

Remember their background

Responding to Larry Slesser on Aug. 15th regarding his response to Ramona Templin, “Standard old propaganda”:

Those “two self-avowed Marxists “just happened to be two of the co-founders of the Black Lives Matter organization. I heard one of them, Patrisse Cullors, in an interview state they “are trained Marxists,” her own words. She further stated that the organization has an “ideological framework,” again her own words.

I firmly believe that Black lives, like all others, matter, no one more than another.

Please open your eyes to the agenda and the goals of BLM. Remember the background of the founders.

Richard Phillips


Make America great again

Donald Trump has brought this country to its knees: physically, emotionally, politically, racially, economically, environmentally and geopolitically. The Biden-Harris administration will make America great again.

M.L. Moore


The impostor in the White House

I should like to remind people of several comments made by the impostor in the White House.

“What have you got to lose?” (to garner the Black vote). He continues to divide the country along with his cabal of incompetent criminals and sycophants.

“Only I can fix it!” Instead, he has made the “swamp” into a cesspool. His administration has lost the only good, honest people he appointed because of his insecurities and disdain for those smarter than him. His biggest fear is strong, smart women. (Betsy DeVos?)

“The virus is going to disappear like a miracle” and “I take no responsibility.” He is responsible for 170,000 deaths from his ignorance and bravado — no masks or social distancing despite solid medical opinion to the contrary. Hydroxychloroquine, Clorox, radiation and advice from a nut case “doctor” about foreign aliens are his erudite answers.

Vote! Our lives and democracy depend on it!

Yale Sacks

Central Point

Oil company has wide reach

At this time of demonstrations, civil unrest and boycotts, Medford has remained relatively immune with few exceptions. One such exception is the year-long boycott by north central Medford homeowners of Circle K, in response to the planned complex in the heart of their neighborhood. This complex planned for Springbrook and McAndrews was approved by the City Council in 2019 on land owned by Colvin Oil.

Colvin Oil, based in Grants Pass, owners and operators of all Chevron and Circle K service stations in Jackson County, had been a locally owned company, founded by Merve Colvin in the 1960s. His son sold out to Andretti Group in 2017.

In 2019 Colvin Oil was rebranded as GP Energy. Andretti Group of San Carlos, California, is owned by Mario Andretti and his son. Andretti Petroleum currently has over 90 locations in the Pacific Coast states.

GP Energy is only one of three subsidiaries, the others being Humboldt Petroleum and Peninsula Petroleum. Few realize that the business also operates the more lucrative Chevron stations from Ashland to Shady Cove, as well as Jacksonville and Rogue River.

Rick Schreffler


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