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Letters, Aug. 26

A teacher responds

I wanted to clarify some issues in Isabel Hormel’s letter of Aug. 16.

I have been a teacher for over 30 years. We would love nothing better than to be in school, with our students. Our inability to be in the classroom at this time is mandated by metrics and policy set by the state. We have no say in if, how or when schools will open, nor do parents. We share her concerns about equity, poverty and the health of our students.

Educators rose to the occasion in March, many of us with just a day or two notice and zero time to prepare. We have spent our summer rewriting curriculum, attending online training and retooling how we will approach this challenge with intent and integrity.

This is not paid time — we do it because we love our jobs and the children entrusted to us. To state that schools should be open so people can work implies we are nothing more than babysitters. We have families, too, and have to juggle the same issues as all working parents.

Please understand that we are doing the best we can in unprecedented circumstances.

Cathy Ullrich


Watching a different convention

I was surprised to read the comments of Larry Mendte (a regular contributor to “Another View”). He said he experienced the Democratic National Convention 2020 as a yawner. He must have been watching a different Democratic convention.

Myself and many friends felt it was captivating — both in how viewpoints were presented by people across America and in the message to Biden’s proven competence as a political leader with solid values respecting family and differing viewpoints. And we appreciated the profound, repeated message of the importance of our responsibility to vote so that “we the people” can save and rebuild our country.

If he missed a “fast-moving entertainment spectacular” he should have gone to a show in Vegas.

Katharine Sloan


Had it with front page

I have waited long enough. I can no longer tolerate the front-page editing of this newspaper!

Today was the last straw. Our democracy is being threatened along with our very ability to vote. We don’t need Russia to interfere in our elections, we have a new postmaster general and Trump supporter who is already doing a dandy job of dismantling our ability to vote.

There was no mention of this in the “table of contents” on the front page. I found the important news on A5! There also was a small sideline article of the 2020 Democratic National Convention. Again, no mention in the “table of contents.” National conventions are of crucial importance in voting in America.

I enjoy and read the local news and I have tried very hard to adjust to reading a tabloid-type front page about local information. However, it is critical to have the most important national news on the front page. These are the prevalent stories of our times.

When our nation is so divided, please return sound, truthful, unbiased and investigative journalism to our front page.

Is there any chance this can happen?

Sue Dolf


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