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Letters, Aug. 27

Speak out

As a peaceful and law-abiding citizen of Oregon and as an American, I am shocked and appalled that Gov. Kate Brown is allowing this vandalism to continue in Portland! We all need to stand up and speak out against this anti-American behavior!

What about my rights for peace? Gov. Brown has a responsibility to all Oregonians.

As a Christian I’m saddened by the fact that so many people here and in America don’t know how much God really loves them. So please pray with me asking God to heal America! He wants to hear from us!

It can begin with each and every one of us just by being a more loving, kind and tolerant person, even with our enemies! Overcome evil with good! Thank you, and God Bless America!

Kathy Bristow


If Trump is reelected

To all you misinformed Fox News followers who are going to vote again for the man in the White House, this what is going to happen when Trump is reelected.

He will make himself a brutal dictator, arresting innocent people that he thinks disagree with him, never to be seen again. Concentration camps will be constructed all over America with psychopaths as guards. Torture and death will occur on a frightening scale.

If you think that this cannot happen in the United States, think again, that’s what the Germans thought when Hitler came to power in the ’30s. Trump will do what all dictators do: start a war, oppress people and destroy democracy and this country.

Tom Mulder


Front page blues

When I open my iPad to the E-edition of the Mail Tribune, an inviting and reassuring image of the “old” front page and banner appears. Seconds later, the “new” MT iteration appears. My mind jumps from a feeling of trust to one of wariness.

I prefer the trust.

Steve Clements


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