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Letters, Aug. 29

Virtual skywatching

I was delighted to read that our youth are still getting opportunities to engage and be useful while learning science activities. I was privileged to attend an OLLI at SOU class a couple of years ago at the North Medford High School Observatory. A jewel for Southern Oregon, and having the very enthusiastic, knowledgeable Robert Black to lead us through this learning experience was a real treat.

Wondering if there are more opportunities for youth engagement in learning with other industries that could and would partner with instructors, parents and industry leaders to get our youth into useful-while-learning situations.

With so many questions about how we are going to get our children educated, this might be the time to do some out-of-the box thinking and examine ways to shift education to some hands-on experiences in other industries. I liked the mention about working with people who want to be there and that they learned teamwork, which was so necessary to the success of the project.

I hope to read more stories about alternate ways our kids are engaged in learning.

Colet Allen


The truth sounds strange

Larry Mendte and, I’m sure, many Republicans are finding the Democratic Convention very boring since there has been no glitz and glamour. I am sure that listening to the truth being told instead of a stream of lies from Trump sounds a bit strange.

I have found the speakers motivated in their determination to oust an impostor in the White House. What we have witnessed in 3.5 years has been a catastrophe in many ways.

Trump has faced one very large problem, COVID-19, and he has completely failed to provide guidance and leadership. The hardship now faced by so many people because of death and severe illness could have been mostly avoided as many other countries have been much more successful in doing. Now Trump has tried to kneecap (Obama’s words) the Post Office so mail-in ballots may not get delivered by Nov. 3. Trump’s shenanigans are not yet over.

I would recommend that for the Republican Convention they bring on the glitter and glamor to detract from the innuendo that we are likely to hear from speakers desperately trying to prop up this president but also save the skins of those Republicans up for election.

Alexander W. Davie


Wear your bike helmet

In 1970, when I had been riding bicycles since 1946, I bought my first bicycle helmet. I began wearing it on downhill screamers and in heavy traffic, but most of the time I didn’t.

In 1984, in a small, empty parking lot, I began a sharp, slow turn, my front wheel jammed somehow, and I went down, tapping my forehead on the pavement, opening a cut that took two stitches to close.

By that time I had been riding for 38 years, commuting to school and then work, and taking several long tours. Records maintained by the Quantification of Fun Institute suggest that I had ridden over 80,000 miles.

All this is not to brag, but to qualify myself as an experienced rider, perhaps justified in considering myself an “expert.” Since that accident I have not turned a crank without a helmet on. I had a crash one day that cracked my helmet.

I’m glad to see many apparently new riders, some of them nearly my age, but I’m not so glad to see how many of you are riding without helmets. I hope this letter will help change your minds about that.

Dave Harvey


Con man from New York

Overlook the racism used as a wedge to divide us, the claims of false reporting to confuse us, the embrace of our enemies and disparagement of our friends to isolate us.

Never mind the numerous associates convicted of felonies, the lawsuits to hide the truth, the petty, childish name-calling.

Whatever your political beliefs, pay attention to this: Donald Trump has refused to say that if he loses the election, he will accept the results and step down. He has publicly stated on Fox News that he will “have to see,” while promoting phony claims of election fraud and “rigged” voting. His behavior completely undermines the rule of law, and the crown jewel of our historic embrace of democracy: the peaceful transition of power from one administration to the next, duly elected by the people.

Disregard this at our peril. That way lies tyranny. Democracy is worth saving.

Michael Slater


Trump logic

You have to love the take-away from the Goodyear-Trump fiasco. BLM and gay-rights slogans are OK, but MAGA hats are not, so Trump is upset.

Why? He says Goodyear is discriminating against him and his party by allowing the “opposition” displays, but not Trump/Republican displays.

Trump logic: BLM and gay-rights represent Democratic Party interests, in opposition to Trump and the Republican Party’s interests. Cool. That makes it clearer.

Lance Mason


What Howard wanted

My husband and I moved to Jackson County in 1968, when Wes Howard was still alive, I believe, and the area where his property was located was mostly open, except for a barn and some residences.

What he so thoughtfully wanted for his property was nothing like the extravagant aquatic complex now on the drawing board — or beyond. Not only is it way beyond what he wanted, but it will put a traffic burden beyond belief on that area.

Mary Ann Johnson


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