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Letters, Sept. 1

Wyden’s claim is false

U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden’s comment in the Mail Tribune on Aug. 19, 2020, that President Donald Trump is attempting to undermine the election by undercutting vote-by-mail is false. It is so easy for politicians to stretch the truth and give false impressions.

President Trump wants the election to be honest. How and who are the ballots to be sent to? Where is the assurance the ballots are going to U.S. citizens and not to illegal immigrants? How does the county clerk know if the address is current? We have to keep the integrity of who is eligible to vote.

In Oregon, the county clerk knows who has registered and on what date and who to mail the ballots to. There are also procedures in place for notification of deaths. Some of the election laws are different in each state. The states should not be rushed to put into law vote-by-mail procedures.

Sen. Wyden called the United States a democracy. We are a constitutional republic, a democracy within a republic. There is a difference! He of all people should know the difference!

Gayle Merz


Why lie?

This message from USPS Tracking was sent to our home Sunday afternoon, Aug. 23: “Delivery attempted-front door/driveway was not accessible.” Both driveway and front door were accessible.

We called the Eagle Point post office Monday morning letting an employee know about this issue. We were informed that the post office had only two drivers for Amazon deliveries when they usually have five, so they could not make all their deliveries. According to the employee, they were told to record it as undeliverable because of no access to the delivery location.

I believe that our local employees at the post office are decent people and want to keep their jobs. Why would a person in authority tell them to lie when the truth would have been much better and believable?

Neal and Vera Jones

Eagle Point

Kids and COVID-19

There’s no doubt we live in different political bubbles these days. Case in point: the opinion page of the Ashland Tidings August 21, where I read both these statements regarding COVID-19: “Children bear a greater viral load than adults; children 10-19 have the same capacity as adults to transmit and be sickened by the virus” (Emily Kolbourn, citing New York Times articles). And then this: “... overwhelming evidence that kids don’t get and don’t transmit the virus.” What’s a body to believe?

Personally I’ll go with the former, which from what I read (as a retired biologist) reflects current science and reality, while the latter comes from columnist Michael Barone, he of the American “Enterprise” Institute and the Washington, D.C., newspaper (Examiner) that disputes the reality of climate change.

I’m glad we live in Oregon, where decisions on school reopening are being made, for the most part, rationally — as in Medford and Ashland. It’s instructive to read of the many schools that reopen for full-time face-to-face instruction, only to close shortly thereafter due to coronavirus outbreaks — which of course continues the spread through families and communities.

John Kloetzel


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