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Letters, Sept. 2

Be afraid

In the style of our coherent and well-spoken Supreme Leader, supporters of this administration cobble together a potpourri of dysphemisms such as Marxist, leftist, communist, bogeyman, poo-poo head, etc., to define the majority of Americans, aka the enemy. Their latest scare du jour is the really biggy one, “socialist.”

These folks call themselves Christians but if they actually understood the teachings of Christ they would know he was very much a socialist and progressive of his time. He apparently had a serious problem with greedy capitalists. Imagine.

But money is God, nepotism is acceptable and Supreme Leader runs our society like a business where you can leverage people (and countries), pit one against the other and put the squeeze on opponents to make a deal. I doubt you will find these divine concepts anywhere in your Bible.

A lack of decency and empathy undermines democracies and leads to dictatorships far more than rightfully protesting their absence. It is regrettable and dangerous, due to a few stupid people and hired disrupters, that violence accompanies protests. It’s also regrettable and dangerous that fascism accompanies a Supreme Leader.

Steve Sutfin


One-party rule in Ashland?

ACES (Ashland Citizens for Economic Sustainability) is a political action committee made up of Ashland residents who are unhappy with the city and who want to take control of it. Unfortunately, the group is, in essence, turning the officially nonpartisan races into partisan races.

You are with ACES or it will provide support to your opponent if your opponent agrees with ACES. As part of its organized campaign to control the city, ACES is attempting to get people running for City Council to sign a pledge to follow the group’s ideas; in effect, to join the ACES party.

I hereby pledge not to vote for any person running for City Council who signs the pledge. I want City Council members who are not affiliated with or obligated to any pressure group. I further pledge not to vote for any City Council candidates who are part of a “slate” or any other candidate group. I want City Council members who are not beholden to any interest group, members who are independent and can make their own decisions.

Do you want a city run by one political interest group? One party? I sincerely hope not.

Ian Templeton


Thankful for public lands

As we get ready for the upcoming hunting seasons, or finish out the summer with one last camping or hiking trip with the family, it’s important to remember all of the outdoor opportunities that we have here in Southern Oregon. And most, if not all, of those activities take place on public lands. With the recent passage of the Great American Outdoors Act, providing full support to the public lands and waters that provide us with so much opportunity, those traditions can continue.

By fully funding the Land and Water Conservation Fund and providing money to the National Parks Service, US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, the GAOA will fund maintenance, access and improve outdoor recreation opportunities throughout Oregon, and the nation.

And while it was the hard work of so many sportsmen and women that let our lawmakers know how important those lands and water are, I would like to send a thank you, on behalf of the Oregon Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, to Rep. Greg Walden, Sen. Ron Wyden and Sen. Jeff Merkley for hearing our voices and supporting this landmark public lands legislation.

Justin Gindlesperger


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