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Letters, Sept. 5

America needs you

America has prospered under Democrats and Republicans for over 200 years, yet I’m being called a liar and thief by Republicans.

Republicans purposely spent us into massive national debt with nothing to show for it. The past 20 years, our economy has crashed twice under Republicans.

Republicans are now dismantling the Postal Service and denying Democrats our sacred right to vote. That should tell you they’ll do it to you, too, when necessary.

We will lose America if Trump wins and I’m warning you, American to American, that you will regret it. At first it’ll be great for you, but the first time you disagree or need real help you’ll be told to act against your own interests or you’re their enemy while they continue to raid the Treasury, print money as they’re doing now, until rampant inflation makes it worthless.

Everything is not enough with maniacs. America needs you.

Wes Brown



The latest Republican fear tactic is fear-mongering about “socialism.” Their use of the word socialism seems to simply describe a great many services provided by various levels of government to benefit the entire community.

So here are a few of my favorite socialist things that I think even most Republicans like. I like the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Coast Guard, Air Force and the USPS. I like the Oregon National Guard and Air National Guard. I like the local police forces and fire departments. I like having public roads, public schools, public libraries, water service, sewer service. I also like Social Security and Medicare, which many Republicans use.

Of course, there are many, many more examples of programs and services that could be called socialistic and which nobody in their right mind would oppose in this day and age.

In a democratic republic, we citizens get to decide what socialized community systems we choose to have. I don’t think it is a big stretch to add a few things like universal health insurance to the list of things that would make life easier for all of us.

Richard Melville


Oligarchic looting

As the world burns, the ruling corporate oligarchs continue to divide us with emotional ploys via corporate media and hyperpartisan rhetoric. This ensures that we bicker over the bones while the oligarchs run off with the meat.

Capitalism lives off of the exploitation of people and the environment. It pursues short-term profit, seemingly oblivious to the fact that it is killing the goose that laid the golden eggs. Our once-plentiful resources are now depleted and polluted, and it’s increasingly obvious that we cannot return to some nonexistent, idyllic past.

The previous 40 to 50 years has seen the gradual dismantling of democracy and the public good for oligarchic profit (capitalism). Citizens are now consumers, and the oligarchic hijacking and looting of America is turning us into a banana republic. The recent defunding and dismantling of USPS machinery is theft of our holdings. But it is also an oligarchic attempt to smash democracy by preventing voting by mail. After all, machines are much easier to hack.

We now see a growing confluence of tipping points: obliteration of democracy, promotion of hate and cruelty, unchecked pandemic, climate change chaos and our impending immolation due to oligarchic pushers of fossil fuels.

Lee Lull


Trump flat-Earth confusion

In an upside-down Trump world:

Science is replaced by delusional conspiracy hoaxes.

Street protests during his presidency are the responsibility of the other candidate.

A death toll closing in on 200,000 and a case rate that’s the worst in the world constitute success.

Inheriting a growing economy which plummets 33% during his presidency while unemployment balloons to 13% constitutes economic success.

Incompetence producing thousands of needless American deaths is pro-life.

Federal goons attacking peaceful protesters and promoting a murdering Trump fanatic constitute supporting law and order.

Encouraging foreign nations to meddle in U.S. elections plus enacting a party platform that supports anything Trump says or does comprises democracy.

A record of 21,000 lies constitutes “telling it like it is.”

Claiming there are “good people” among KKK white nationalist rioters represents racial sensitivity.

Promoting corruption means “draining the swamp.”

Destroying American health care is protecting health care.

Trisha Vigil


Tonya Graham for mayor

I am writing to support Tonya Graham for mayor. As a fellow parent and engaged Ashland citizen, I have known Tonya personally for over five years. I have seen the integrity, hard work, compassion and intelligence that she brings to complex issues and would feel truly represented to have her as our mayor.

Her decades-long efforts on climate change and social justice go further than anyone I know. She walks her talk and will be an engaged, inspiring leader in these tough times.

Cat Gould


Masks vs. sheep

To all those who refuse to wear a mask because they “don’t wanna be a sheep,” there’s bad news and good news.

The bad news is that you are nothing more than ignorant, selfish, self-centered sheep blindly following your pied piper — Donald Trump. The good news is, if you want to be thought of as independent, intelligent, wise and compassionate, and especially if you really “don’t wanna be a sheep,” then what part of mask up do you not understand?

Kate Thomas


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