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Letters, Sept. 8

American vs. American

Same as the months leading up to the Civil War in the 1860s, Americans again are being pitted against each other in today’s America. The Republican and Democratic parties are complicit in pitting American against American.

And again, one of the major issues is racism. Other issues are COVID-19, the economy, health care, jobs, police brutality against people of all colors, especially black and brown, justice inequality, peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstrations turning violent and destructive by a few infiltrators, Americans shooting Americans, etc.

People are yelling insults at each other calling each other names such as racist, anarchist, troublemaker, communist, Nazi, socialist, etc. Fist-fights, throwing objects at each other and the police, setting fires to buildings, breaking windows of businesses, looting and other atrocities are occurring regularly in larger cities. Democrat and Republican leaders play the blame game instead of trying to solve the problems.

The nation is on the verge of another civil war because people will not talk to each other in a civil manner and most importantly, listen to each other. Fighting and killing each other in another civil war will solve nothing. It never has and never will.

Randall Hale


Video sheds light

During a time when so much focus is on national politics, it is very reassuring to know that there are people that have not lost sight of the importance of shedding much-needed light on local issues. I would like to personally thank the concerned citizens over at www.AshlandSOS.com who collected and posted the videos of the videotaped testimony that are public record of Ashland’s Parks and Recreation commissioners, the APRC director, Ashland’s city attorney and director of HR concerning the illegal termination of the executive director of Ashland’s Senior Center.

At 59 minutes in length it’s a little dry at times, but watching the above-mentioned “civil servants” squirm, awkwardly pause and sheepishly look over at their attorney with a non-verbal plea for help is worth every minute and more satisfying than most things you’ll find on Netflix.

I couldn’t help but wonder if some of Ashland’s elected officials are corrupt or incompetent, or worse, both. I’m an Ashland taxpayer. Can I have some of my money back as a result of this embarrassment? Wait, I know the answer to that. It’s the same as it was last time.

Jay Roberts


Sick of words

Remember? “Words, words, words. I’m so sick of words. There isn’t one word I haven’t heard.”

Businesses like Nike, Walmart and our health care corporations say they want to solve the climate crisis. Meanwhile, BreakFreeFromPlastic reports the worst 10 global plastic (petroleum product) polluters include Coca-Cola, Nestlé, PepsiCo and Colgate-Palmolive. Climate Accountability Institute (authority on big oil’s role in climate chaos) reports the top 20 oil companies have contributed 35% of all energy-related climate pollutions worldwide since 1965.

I’m tired of corporations’ words; it’s past time for action. We have 10 years to address this climate crisis.

What to do? Learn about the science’ share facts’ pay with a Green America credit card’ boycott companies that talk big and step small’ sign petitions’ sign onto One Million for 100% Renewable Energy’ donate to mutual aid funds’ contact representatives’ reduce your use of natural resources. For four years, Washington politicians have rejected climate science and rolled back regulations, yet climate change is now. Think droughts, floods and wildfires!

Governments should protect us from the effects of climate change. We are in a crisis. No more words! Show me! Let’s vote for science like our lives depend on it — they do!

Louise D. Shawkat


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