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Letters, Sept. 10

Hope for Rogue River

It was like a dog stopping to help a cat.

Many years ago I was stranded on Highway 62, up by Stan’s Market. Me, all long-haired, etc., then, and my pup, and the breeze, for the old truck just wouldn’t start. It was sparse traffic on Highway 62 in those past times, and we sat quiet, hood up, for quite a while.

An old, weathered rancher drove by in a pickup, looked over at me, and went on, returning the other way after about 10 minutes. He pulled my truck with his own to start it, came back and shook my hand, and apologized to me for wearing a glove when he did. I generously forgave this error, being quite amazed and very grateful indeed.

I hadn’t been in Oregon long, and realized the deal in that time and place was if someone needed help, you gave it. Even to a dumb hippie kid. You might need some yourself one day!

It’s very unlikely we shared political viewpoints, this man and I. Very. But we interacted in a way that was considerate and beneficial. I never forgot his kindness. May that spirit inhabit Rogue River!

Lars Svendsgaard


Christian socialism

A recent letter opined that since Jesus Christ preached socialist principles, socialism should be treated as legitimate in the rule of law in this country.

Jesus had responded to a questioner that he should “go, sell all that you have and give it to the poor, and come, follow me,” and this is a good and a noble thing for anyone to do out of personal conviction and free will. The difference between this as a Christian principle and as a political one is when the government compels the governed to do this and acts as the sole judge as to how much they should give. Because such a concept is nowhere supported in our Constitution, it should not be promoted as viable in our constitutional republic.

Oscar Zuniga


The mayor for Medford’s future

Last year I asked Medford’s online community how I could get involved and help with local issues. By the end of the day, Kevin Stine — president of the Medford City Council — reached out to me directly.

Kevin welcomed me, directed me to resources that would help me get involved, and gave me an overview of the open committee positions I could apply for. I was floored. I’d never had such a helpful interaction with a city official.

Kevin not only answered my questions, he reached out to me through an online platform I doubted city officials knew existed! It became clear that Kevin knew how to engage with all citizens, even those of us who aren’t able to show up to city meetings. Knowing how to help Medford citizens with modern tools in modern times is only part of why I’m voting for Kevin Stine as mayor.

Tyler Jasper


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