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Letters, Sept. 11

Police and race

If you can’t understand why racial tension is happening, re-image the scene with a black policeman shooting an unarmed white man in the back seven times as he leans into his car with his three children in the back seat; or re-image a black policeman kneeling on the windpipe of an unarmed handcuffed white man lying in the street in front of people who are begging him to stop and not stopping until the man is dead.

I’m not against the police. My father was a policeman; it’s a difficult job. Neither do I want to live in a police state where police can harm and kill with impunity just because of the color of your skin. It is time to step back from armed confrontation for every offense. There are better ways to serve society. We need to learn to listen to each other.

Enough of name-calling, bullying and threatening! We have tried that for the last four years and it did not make America great. We need a just society where law and order means treating all people with respect and expecting the best from everyone, even the police.

Mary Ellen Gordian


How much longer?

How much longer is this rioting and burning going to continue in Portland? It is going on two months now and the anarchists don’t seem to have an end in sight.

Our president wants to end it, but the mayor and governor won’t have it. Why is this? If we do not get this hideous face of evil under control it will have a crushing impact on our state. To allow this evil to continue is totally unacceptable.

Our nation is in a mess and it seems as though it will take a miracle for us to come out of it united. Rest assured that if we don’t keep President Trump in office, we’ll become a socialist nation and then we really will have something to be concerned about.

It’s bad enough that we have many who are evil to the core and are leading many others astray. Where are our leaders? Why aren’t they leading? Black lives matter, but so do the lives of every American, even unborn babies. Please pray for our country.

Gordon DeVos


Liberty vs. law and order

Listening to Republican politicians of late, I have experienced a certain amount of dissonance hearing them segue back and forth between their undying support for “freedom” — i.e., no mandates, everyone allowed to exercise their own prerogatives without government interference to their “rights” — and, on the other hand, and often without pause, “law and order” — i.e., send in the troops to impose external control of the citizenry.

These two prerogatives would seem to be logically incompatible. Unless, that is, the “freedom” is for one group and the imposition of “law and order” applies to a different group of people. “We” get “our” liberty and “they” get the “law and order.”

Both “freedom” and “law and order” serve one group at the expense of everyone else — doublespeak for a constituency terrified of losing the benefits of white privilege.

I can clearly see and understand this message — and I am not a minority. How much more obvious and infuriating this kind of duplicity must be to those who are its targets!

Sandra Scase


Vote Tonya for mayor

I am proud to endorse Tonya Graham for Ashland mayor.

Over the 12 years I have known this energetic woman I have gotten to know her many skills. I have seen her manage a houseful of children, a full-time job as executive director of Geos Institute, volunteer for the community (raising money for turf for the high school; running Senior All-Night for many years), be active in her church, and juggle all this with good humor, grace and unflappability. She’s the most grounded person I know.

Tonya understands budgets, the environment, housing, how to grow the local economy and much more. She knows how to research perplexing issues, find common ground among those with opposing views and work well with others without giving up her firm principles. Those skills got her elected as city councilor, and they will stand her in good stead as mayor. Please give her your vote.

Catherine Foster


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