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Letters, Sept. 12

Column pushes Qanon

In Michael Kell’s column in the September Jacksonville Review,“Where We Go One We Go All,” he notes that this headline is the mariner bell inscription on JFK’s boat. However, it is also the motto of Qanon, a right-wing, racist, anti-Semitic white supremacist group. (Google for more information.)

Kell had to know this as he disingenuously proceeds to espouse a major conspiracy theory of Qanon — that Hollywood, as stated by Brad Pitt and Mel Gibson, has a pedophilia/human trafficking problem with links to Big Tech and Washington, D.C. I fully acknowledge that pedophilia/human trafficking is a huge societal problem. But I get my information from reliable news sources — especially given Mel Gibson’s history of anti-Semitic rants.

Social media platforms are warning readers of bigoted disinformation while at the same time preserving freedom of the press. If only the Jacksonville Review could do the same. This deceitful column is quite a reveal for a lifestyle magazine which prides itself on writing about “Our Small Town with a Big Atmosphere!”

Dianne Helmer


Choosing democracy

Corporate interests own our so-called democratic system. The only way we’ll ever have a democracy is when we’ve amended our Constitution to institute a direct popular vote, eliminating the Electoral College altogether; outlawing political parties and donations exceeding $2,500 from any source outside the IRS-allocated funding; and reversing the Citizens United decision, declaring only human citizens have constitutional rights.

If Biden wins, there’s a chance we can create a groundswell of unity to demand peace-making in place of war; justice in place of the cops/courts/prison industry; and community-building to supplant the despicable exploitations of our culture’s profit-and-control obsession.

If Trump wins, we’re likely in for more cold war with China and North Korea, empire-building by Russia, isolation from our former allies and a possible invasion of Venezuela. Militancy of the police will increase, along with further erosion of our liberties. When Trump’s monarchy ends, we’ll be cast into utter chaos.

James L. Moore


I want to go back to school

People have not been wearing their masks and are not doing a great job keeping our community safe. Kids are not able to go back to school because there is too much coronavirus.

Wear your masks. I don’t think it’s hard. I feel good about wearing my mask because I’m helping my community stay safe. I would like everybody to do that so kids can go back to school.

Sam, age 7 (transcribed by Mom)


Census — please!

I assume most Jackson County residents immediately filled out their Census forms — it only takes five minutes online and is vitally important.

My concern now is that the nation may have totally back-burnered the Census with all our current multiple crises of the COVID pandemic, political conventions and the very serious acknowledgment that Black and brown lives really matter. But it does make an accurate national Census even important for Americans!

We need to count every single Black and brown person as well as all white folks. Everyone needs to be represented in Congress when we redraw our congressional district lines in 2021, especially for states like Oregon that stand to gain an additional representative in Congress with our increasing diverse population. No matter what you may think of Congress at this moment, having more representation, not less, helps Americans.

Please remind everyone you know to remind everyone they know of the urgency to complete the Census. This Administration wants to shorten the Census collection period to hamper a full and accurate count. Please spread the word to respond now — and remember Census privacy is protected for 72 years!

I do believe our democracy depends on it.

Bonnie Johnson


Supporting Enriquez

I am supporting Alberto Enriquez in the upcoming election. He is running for the District 6 seat in the state Legislature. I believe he is uniquely qualified.

He obtained a master’s degree in English literature from Duke University and settled in Medford as a reporter for the Mail Tribune 32 years ago. He knows the valley very well. Alberto (at age 4) and his family emigrated to the U.S. from Cuba. It was not an easy process. The family eventually settled in Portland and achieved a successful life here in the U.S. What an incredible civics lesson.

It is the sum of these experiences that make Alberto well positioned to represent us in the state Legislature.

See alberto4medford.com.

I encourage your support for Alberto.

Lee Murdoch


Dems have work cut out

A comparison of the two recent political conventions underlines the stark differences between the parties.

Grim-faced has-been Democrat politicians gave their reasons why they think America is bad and racist. Joe Biden promised to fix the country, but one wonders why he failed to do that while he was in Washington for 47 years, eight of those as vice president. All in all, the Democrat convention was four nights of doom and gloom.

At the Republican convention, a diverse group of everyday patriotic and down-to-earth Americans spoke of how President Trump has made their lives better. Black Americans who spoke at the convention, often in the most dramatic terms, summarized how President Trump has done more for Blacks than President Obama did, including the lowest unemployment rate in history before the pandemic, opportunity zones for minority communities, criminal-justice reform, increased school-choice options with a scholarship program mainly benefiting Blacks, and securing long-term funds, debt forgiveness and summer-school Pell Grant access for America’s 101 Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

If the recent conventions are any indication, things are looking up for the Republicans, and Democrats have their work cut out for them.

Maureen Stewart


Anything anti-Trump

Democrats are obsessed with finding anything, anything, against President Trump.

They dived into the silly “Trump uses Postal Service to suppress votes” theme like children after pinata candy. They won’t let go of any anti-Trump rumor, anyway, anyhow.

Trump says what he thinks, often without first thinking it through or checking it out. Democrats call that 20,000 lies. I call it careless honesty. His opposition has no kind of honesty.

I’m not a Republican, but like most Republicans, I agree with most, not all, of Trump’s policies. We are not blind followers, as often accused.

I sure can’t trust Trump’s blinded opposition.

Ira Edwards


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